"The Tradewise Gibraltar Open is the strongest and best-organised event of its kind in the world" - Financial Times



Welcome to our 2017 website! Next January's Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival (Monday 23 January - Thursday, 2 February) marks our 15th anniversary. The festival maintains its familiar format, with five main events, as well as a variety of evening activities.


Important: Participants in all sections should wait to receive official confirmation of their entry before booking travel and accommodation.


Partner Airlines: BA and Iberia

We are delighted to announce that British Airways and Iberia have agreed to be the official partner airlines for the 15th Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival.


All festival participants and accompanying persons flying to Gibraltar (BA) or Malaga (Iberia or BA) are invited to take advantage of a special discount in their air-fare. This applies to travel dates for up to five (5) days either side of the festival. For further details please contact Festival Director Stuart Conquest [] or Cathy Popham [].

Tradewise Gibraltar Masters 2017 - Leading Players

Announcement coming soon!

The Day's Play - Episode 1 2016


Follow the action from episode 1 from our 2016 collection, and get your daily dose of The Day's Play highlighting all the events in the most exciting open chess tournament in the world.

Special appearance in this first episode by Vishy Anand plus Anna Muzychuk​, Mariya Muzychuk, Antoaneta Stefanova, Radek Wojtaszek​ and Alina Kashlinskaya​.


The Day's Play - All 2016 Videos


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