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"The annual Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival has established itself as the most prestigious open tournament in the world" - THE SUNDAY TIMES

Masterclass 1

28.1.15 - The first of our scheduled masterclasses will take place tonight at 21.00. The programme will be broadcast LIVE from our unique, built-for-purpose webcasting suite at the Caleta Hotel, simultaneously on the web, in the large screen in the Catalan Lounge, and will feature GM's Richard Rapport and Bela Khotenashvili.


Masterclass 1 @ 21.00 CET



The Day's Play - Episode 3


28.1.15 - Daily news broadcast featuring the players and events during the 2015 Tradewise Gibraltar Open Chess Tournament. Follow the action on our YouTube channel plus on Facebook and Twitter.


The Day's Play - All Videos with Tania Sachdev


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Livestream Coverage - Round 1


27.1.15 - The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Tournament  is broadcast LIVE direct from the delightful Caleta Hotel each day from 15.00.


Your commentary hosts are GM Simon Williams and IM Elisabeth Pähtz with all the Livestream footage from this tournament also available in this archive.


Replay Parts 1 and 2 from round 1 of the Masters.


Gibraltar border

27.1.15 - For participants travelling daily across the border, the queue can be viewed via Livestream. Please note that there may be a lag of up to one minute as measured against real time. There is also a useful Twitter feed.

The Day's Play - Episode 2


27.1.15 - Daily news broadcast featuring the players and events during the 2015 Tradewise Gibraltar Open Chess Tournament. Follow the action on our YouTube channel plus on Facebook and Twitter.


The Day's Play - All Videos with Tania Sachdev


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Topalov ready for Gibraltar challenge

27.1.15 - The Opening moves of the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters were made today at 15.00 by top seed Veselin Topalov at the beginning of what we are hoping will be a memorable tournament.


Tradewise Chairman James Humphreys makes the ceremonial first move for a very happy Veselin Topalov in his round 1 game | Photo: Sophie Triay | More here.



Radio Gibraltar


26.1.15 - Tournament Director Stuart Conquest is doing a  live radio slot  Monday to Friday, 13:10, with James Neish, Radio Gibraltar. The first one was on Monday 26 January and follows after their news bulletin.


Radio Gibraltar has been The Rock’s local radio station since 1958.

Opening Ceremony

27.1.15 - The Opening Ceremony and drawing of lots took place at 20.30 on Monday in the main restaurant.



Top players Hikaru Nakamura, Veselin Topalov and Hou Yifan, with Miss Gribraltar, Brian Callaghan (Organiser) and The Hon. Steve Linares, Minister for Sports Culture, Heritage and Youth. More photos from the ceremony.



Interview on GBC


21.1.15 - Tournament Director Stuart Conquest was interviewed yesterday on GBC's 'The Hub' about the forthcoming Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. The show was broadcast live - see if presenter Ben Lynch can spot the mate in one!


Fast forward to 26.00 | Runtime: 9 mins


GBC Television has been broadcasting in Gibraltar since 1963.

Salome and Jovanka to give opening simuls


IM Salome Melia   IM Jovanka Houska  

21.1.15 - The 2015 Tradewise Chess Festival starts its annual adventure when two of our participants, International Masters Salome Melia and Jovanka Houska, offer two simultaneous displays for early arrivals.

The simuls will begin around 8pm on Sunday in the main restaurant. The games will provide an ideal warm-up for Amateur and Challenger participants, whose events begin the following morning.

Salome and Jovanka are very kind and will be not too hard on their opponents. But, there will be photos and a PGN of games to follow so smile and move your pieces carefully!



Important: Visas!


17.1.15 - Some participants may still be waiting for the return of passports from the visa centres where they applied. If you are in this position, you should inform Festival Director Stuart Conquest  immediately.


The complete details of your application, including a tracking or reference number, will be required.

Malaga to Gibraltar Bus Transfer

14.1.15 - The organisers offer a special transfer service from Malaga Airport. Buses will leave Malaga Airport for Gibraltar from 12.00hrs to 17:00hrs on Sunday 25 and Monday 26 January returning from Gibraltar to Malaga Airport on the morning of 6 February, commencing at around 7am. The cost will be £30 per person return trip. You must contact  at with arrival times and flight numbers if you wish to make use of this service.

Entries update

Little black and white alarm clock ticking away  

18.1.15 - We are pleased to update the entry lists for the morning events and the Masters. We are still accepting entries for the popular morning events but please note that any received after Friday 16 January will incur the late entry fee surcharge of £50 per event! You can still enter a morning event online here.


Just a short while to go!


Gibraltar: Catalan Bay in January

04.1.15 - Average temperatures throughout north Europe usually drop near to, or below zero, for much of January and February. And with rain, snow and and ice forecast it is encouraging to know that the subtropical climate in Gibraltar is a reliable feature of this wonderful event.


With just a short while to go before the start of the Tradewise Chess Festival we look forward to warm sunshine and temperatures between 12-18° C.


Don't forget the sun cream and shades

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