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"The annual Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival has established itself as the most prestigious open tournament in the world" - THE SUNDAY TIMES

Ivan Cheparinov wins the 2014 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters

Congratulations to Ivan Cheparinov, winner of the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters following a tense and exhilarating play-off  against Nikita Vitiugov, 1½-½.





Ivan Cheparinov receives his winners cheque for £20,000 from Tradewise Chairman James Humphreys. Ivan scored 8/10 (+6,=4) and then won a play-off 1½-½ to take the title.





Final Masters Standings | Commentary Videos Rd 1-5 ~ 6-10 | All games in PGN or Replay | Photos |

Battle of the Sexes


On the evening of 1 February, there was a Battle of the Sexes rapid match between the Men (captained by Nigel Short) and the Women (captained by Viktorija Cmilyte) at a time limit of 10 minutes for all the moves plus an increment of 5 seconds a move. Photos (and not entirely serious captions) here.

The Women won the match by 2-0, with a third game (played at 10+0) played and won by the Men.

The winning team l to r: Viktorija Cmilyte, Irina Krush, Thanh Trang Hoang, Tania Sachdev, Jovana Vojinovic, Elisabeth Paehtz, and Natalia Zhukova with festival organiser Brian Callaghan


More photos and annotated games here.

Tie-break games (final)


Women's title 2014


Congratulations to Ukranian IM Mariya Muzychuk for winning the top female prize of £15,000.


She drew her last round game against GM Simen Agdestein and achieved a score of 7/10 (+6,=2,-2) and with it, a GM norm!


In November 2010 Mariya was ranked as the fifth-highest girl player in the world. She made it to the final 16 of the 2010 Women's World Chess Championship but lost in an Armageddon playoff after a tie in the regular match.


Mariya is a regular at the Gibraltar Masters having played here many times.




Gran torneo, gran clausura


El mundo del ajedrez lleva decenios obsesionado con mirar hacia dentro (partidas, aperturas, clubes, torneos, Elo, licencias…) y no afuera, hacia la sociedad, para promoverlo no sólo como deporte sino por sus grandes utilidades sociales y pedagógicas. Hay honrosas excepciones, y alguna muy brillante, como la de Gibraltar. Todo ello quedó reflejado en una clausura magnífica del Tradewise Festival.


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Farewell from Gibraltar 2014

Another fabulous Tradewise Chess Festival comes to an end so farewell from Gibraltar for a while. We are proud to have a unique tournament, a fabulous venue, kind and clever people and delightful weather. It's simply ... chess paradise! See you in 2015.

Coming Round the Last Bend


John Saunders reports: Vassily Ivanchuk pulled ahead of the field for the second time when he defeated Surya Ganguly of India in the eighth round of the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters, played at the Caleta Hotel on Tuesday 4 February.


He now has 7/8 and the field has become slightly stretched behind him, as Gata Kamsky and Richard Rapport also won to share second place on 6½.


Round 8 report in full | More photos

Prizegiving - Week 2


Another tough week of competition has been completed successfully.


The 2014 Tradewise Chess Festival prizegiving for week 2 Challengers and Amateurs took place on Wednesday 5 Feb ahead of round 9 in the Gibraltar Masters.


Festival Organiser Brian Callaghan, OBE presented the prizes.


Continue reading | More photos

Masterclass 4 - Tue 4 Feb


Our 2014 Masterclass schedule concluded on Tuesday with a presentation by former World Junior Champion, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FIDE 2745).


The programme was broadcast LIVE from our unique, built-for-purpose webcasting suite at the Caleta Hotel, simultaneously on the web and the large (100") screen in the Catalan Lounge.


Missed it? Watch the entire LIVE recording here - Runtime 80 mins

'Chess is very important to Gibraltar' says Deputy Chief Minister


Dr Joseph Garcia, Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar and Chairman of one of our main sponsors, Gibtelecom, is delighted to have personally witnessed the growth over the years in both “strength and numbers” of the Gibraltar International Chess Festival.


As he visited the 2014 Tradewise Chess Festival this morning he affirmed his support and that of the Gibraltar Government to the tournament which has now become the most important open in the world.


Continue reading | Photos

More impressive photos


Press Office and reporter John Saunders, has been busy not only with the production of the reports with annotated games but also recording the pictorial action.


You will have noticed John in the tournament hall with his impressive looking Nikon D600 during the early parts of each round selecting suitable victims for his next report.


See a selection from his extensive Flickr galleries.

Masterclass 3 - Mon 3 Feb


Our masterclass schedule continued on Monday with presentations by WGM Natalia Pogonina (FIDE 2495) and GM Li Chao b (FIDE 2697).


The programme was broadcast LIVE from our unique, built-for-purpose webcasting suite at the Caleta Hotel, simultaneously on the web and the large (100") screen in the Catalan Lounge.


Missed it? Watch the entire LIVE recording here - Runtime 80 mins

'You are very welcome' says Chief Minister


The Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo, a keen supporter of the tournament, visited the Tradewise Chess Festival on Mon 3 Feb.


The Chief Minister visited the main broadcast studio in the Archie Suite, the hub of our online broadcasts. In the main hall ahead of play in Round 7, he presented the prizes for one of the social events in the festival, the Blitz Pairs played for on Sunday night.


Continue reading | Photos

Blitz Pairs Event


The traditional blitz pairs event took place at the Caleta Hotel on Sunday night. This popular annual 6-round contest attracted 38 teams of two players including 5 GM's, 8 IM's and other titled players.


Team names included Captain Blunder and Crew, 9ja Riders, Sons of Bishops, Antwerp Giants and Bolb amongst others.


Many thanks to the Arbiters and helpers for another successful evening at the Caleta Hotel.


All results and team compositions here | Photos by Sophie Triay.

Best and Perfect say Chinese players - Alice Mascarenhas, Press Officer.


2014 is three years in a row in Gibraltar for Chinese player Xue Zhao.


Asked why she keeps coming back, Zhao’s answer is swift and sharp: “The Tradewise open chess tournament is the best in the world, especially for the female players. I really enjoy playing here in Gibraltar.”


It is the first time for Li Chao also from Beijing who heard about the tournament through Zhao.


“Gibraltar is perfect,” he said, “the weather, the organisation, the food, the tournament, everything, is perfect.”


Click for larger image

Out and About


Our official photographer Sophie Triay has been very busy during the 2014 Tradewise Chess Festival.



You will have seen her quietly floating about  recording key moments in around the playing hall, bars, evening events and much more.


And on Sunday, taking advantage of an extremely sunny day in Gibraltar it was 'Out and About' on the beach with our chessfriends from China.


See more of today's photos and all of Sophie's splendid work in her online galleries.

Commentator's Choice by John Saunders


There was a honoured guest for the third round, His Excellency the Governor-General of Gibraltar, Sir James Dutton. (I've given him his official title, though he is a genial, down-to-earth man who introduces himself to everyone he meets as 'Jim Dutton'.)


Sir Jim was shown around the playing hall just after play started. He took a great interest in proceedings, though admitting he only just about knew the moves himself (he told us his son had taught him how to play some years ago). It is mark of the respect in which the tournament is held that it should receive regular visits from Gibraltar's de facto head of state.


Continue reading | Photos

Masterclass 2 - Fri 31 Jan


Our second Masterclass on Friday evening saw a wonderful display of games and analysis with elite-GM Vassily Ivanchuk. With a FIDE rating  of 2739 'Chucky' has been a regular visitor to the Gibraltar Festival and is a former Masters Champion.


The show was recorded LIVE in the unique, built-for-purpose webcasting suite at the Caleta Hotel.


More masterclasses are scheduled for Mon 3 Feb and Tues 4 Feb. They will also be broadcast LIVE on the internet and simultaneously in the Catalan Lounge at the Caleta Hotel.


Watch it all again here


When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Win the Endgame by John Saunders


The second round of the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters on 29 January at the Caleta Hotel brought together the elite players with fellow grandmasters for the first time. The tougher opposition meant that the top players had to work harder for their points, and there were a number of interesting endgames played.


Top seed Mickey Adams (left) was soon into his stride, showing the sort of class which has kept him in the world's elite for the entire century so far..


continue reading ...

Prizegiving Challengers & Amateurs A

The first 2014 Gibraltar Festival prizegiving took place before the start of play today in the Masters for week 1 morning events. Festival Organiser Brian Callaghan OBE presented the prizes. Well done to the winners and thank you to all the competitors for making the tournaments so enjoyable.

Gibraltar border

For participants travelling daily across the border, the queue can be viewed via Livestream. Please note that there may be a lag of up to one minute as measured against real time. There is also a useful Twitter feed.

Thank you!


The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival thanks Mr Carl Bossino and Mr. John Ferrary of Calypso Transport Ltd. for their generosity in allowing all chess participants free bus travel during the festival.



Team Blitz


The traditional team blitz took place at the Caleta Hotel on Thursday night.


This popular annual 6-round event attracted 108 players including over 20 GM's and many other titled players.


Team names were as entertaining as the chess and included China Dragon, Brasil,, NTG, Ladies first, Angeles de Divis, Riese Luemmel, Greco, Ticking Clock amongst others.


All results and team compositions here | Photos





Masterclass 1 - Wed 29 Jan


GM Nigel Short and IM Elisabeth Paehtz discuss their round 2 games.



Watch the entire show recorded LIVE in the unique, built-for-purpose webcasting suite at the Caleta Hotel.


More masterclasses are scheduled for Fri 31 Jan, Mon 3 Feb and Tues 4 Feb. They will also be broadcast LIVE on the internet and simultaneously in the Catalan Lounge at the Caleta Hotel.





Gibraltar's New Governor Visits Tradewise Chess

30.1.14 - The Governor of Gibraltar and Lady Dutton this afternoon visited the 2014 Tradewise Chess Festival at the Caleta Hotel. Sir Jim Dutton, who arrived in Gibraltar December last year, was visiting the festival for the very first time. On arrival at the Caleta Hotel the Governor and Lady Dutton were met by tournament organiser Brian Callaghan, Tamara Stewart-Wilson and tournament director Stuart Conquest. Also there to greet him were sponsors James Humphreys from Tradewise and Denis Lafferty from Saccone & Speed and Coca Cola.




Left to right - James Humphreys from Tradewise, organiser Brian Callaghan, Governor Sir James Dutton, tournament director Stuart Conquest, Lady Dutton, Denis Lafferty from Saccone & Speed and Coca Cola, and Tamara Stewart-Wilson.




The Governor and Lady Dutton were shown around both chess halls at the Caleta Hotel by Mr Conquest where the second round of the Gibraltar Masters was already in full swing. He paused to view the main boards in the main hall and watched England’s No1 Michael Adams (top seeded player in the tournament) playing against Mohammed Al-Sayed from Qatar, as well as asking the tournament’s Chief Arbiter Laurent Freyd about some of the other boards.


Continue reading | More photos

The Day of the Knights by John Saunders


The Tradewise Gibraltar Masters, now widely acknowledged as the world's top open tournament, started on 28 January 2014 at the Caleta Hotel.


This year's field of 254 players is mouth-watering: ten players rated over 2700, 68 grandmasters, 38 IMs, 7 woman grandmasters, 16 FIDE Masters.


GM Irina Krush summed it up on commentary: "today was the day of the knights." This was a reference to some elegant equestrian moves by the leading grandmasters. Gata Kamsky's knight move was perhaps the finest.


... continue reading


Interview on GBC


Tournament Director Stuart Conquest was interviewed recently on GBC's 'The Hub' about the forthcoming Tradewise Chess Festival


Fast forward to 42.00 | Runtime: 10 mins


GBC Television has been broadcasting in Gibraltar since 1963.








The First Move at Tradewise 2014

28.1.14 - The first move of the 2014 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival at The Gibraltar Masters tournament took place this afternoon at the Caleta Hotel. At precisely 3pm (Gibraltar time) James Humpreys, Chairman of Tradewise Gibraltar Insurance Ltd, the main sponsor of this event made the ceremonial first move on board one against top seed Grandmaster Mickey Adams, England’s No.1 and ranked 13th in the world.



Tradewise Chairman James Humphreys makes the first move against England No.1 Mickey Adams. Standing is Mickey's opponent Spanish player FM Emilio Miguel Sanchez Jerez.


Photo by Sophie Triay | more from round 1



In his First Round game Mickey Adams is playing against one of the many Spanish players in this festival FM Emilio Miguel Sanchez Jerez from Murcia. James Humpreys, whose company has been sponsoring the game for nine years, four of them as the main sponsor, welcomed the players and wished them well. “Have a great time!” he told them all.


As play began he spoke of the importance of the development of chess on the Rock and of the Festival itself. “Tradewise is becoming synonymous with chess as much as it is to insurance and this is important for Gibraltar. In chess we have Tata Steel, and I hoping that over the years Tradewise will be exactly the same as that company in its association with the festival,” he said. Moments later the 252 chess players in The Masters from some 60 countries made their opening moves in the tournament which is being held over the next 10 days over 10 rounds.


The top woman player this year is Anna Muzychuk (Slovenia).

Opening Ceremony

27.1.14 - The Opening Ceremony and drawing of lots took place at 20.30 on Monday in the main restaurant.




Minister for Sports Culture, Heritage and Youth, The Hon. Steven Linares draws the black pieces, in round 1, for top seed GM Mickey Adams (left). More photos.



Other evening events will include master classes, evenings with elite players, pairs and four player team blitz tournaments.


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