Gibtelecom Chess Festival 2008: Videos


On this page we feature scenes from the tournament via videos and photo slideshows...


"Ajedrez en el Mediterraneo"

by John Saunders


The webmaster's own video tribute to the 6th Gibtelecom Chess Festival...



Nakamura's Speech at the Prize-Giving

by Peter Doggers


Peter Doggers of fame made a video of Hikaru Nakamura's speech at the prize-giving. He also added the following recommendations for the Gibtelecom Festival: "On a personal note, I must say I really enjoyed being present during the final four rounds of the Gibraltar. It’s a special tournament, a personal, social one, where it seems to be easier than normal to meet new friends. I can recommend it to every chess player who is of the opinion that a fine atmosphere is a tournament’s biggest asset."



Nakamura v Bu Xiangzhi: Play-Off Game 1

by Peter Doggers





Nakamura v Bu Xiangzhi: Play-Off Game 2

by Peter Doggers



Nakamura vs Bu Xiangzhi Play-Offs: The Video

by Zeljka Malobabic




Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


by Zeljka Malobabic



On the Road Again


No sooner had Corus Wijk aan Zee finished than editor Peter Doggers was on his way from Netherlands to Gibraltar to make some more videos about the Gibtelecom Festival.


Here is his first video impression of our tournament...



Tournament Hall


Zeljka Malobabic presents another amusing video - this time a speeded-up clip of people entering the tournament room.





More Monkey Business...


Don't miss the second instalment of Zeljka Malobabic's Gibraltar video footage - four minutes of high jinks including some close encounters between Nakamura, the Chinese super-GMs and Gibraltar's Barbary apes.



Click on the above link to watch the video clip

Photo Slideshows


Here is a round 1 and 2 photo spectacular, provided by our publicity manager, Manuel Weeks. Warning: if you don't want a blast of elderly pop music in your ears, turn your sound down (or off) now! And now photo slideshow number 2 - more of the same.







Hey, hey, we're the Monkees...


Zeljka Malobabic, our Monroi operator, has taken this great video clip of the first day or so at the tournament. It is about 3.5 minutes long. Make sure you don't miss the bit about 2.5 minutes when GM Ian Rogers's piece to camera is interrupted by an ape which appears on the screen briefly. Ian keeps looking nervously to his right but he bravely continues his narration...



Click on the above link to watch the video clip

Here's something topical... chess is living in a new age - the world champion is from India, the women's world champion from China and the world junior champion from Egypt - not a European or American in sight! Below is an interview with the 2007 world junior chess champion, Ahmed Adly, made on 30 September 2007 in the Isle of Man, just a few days before he flew out to Yerevan in Armenia to win the world title and become the first player from his continent ever to win a significant world-level chess championship. The interview was filmed by me on 30 September 2007 in the Ocean Castle Hotel, Port Erin, and Manuel Weeks and David Smerdon were the interviewers. In the clip below, Ahmed is in the middle, with David on the left and Manuel on the right. Further down, we have an interview with Elisabeth Paehtz.


Part 1 of the interview (lasts approximately 5 minutes)




Below, the second part of the interview with Ahmed Adly of Egypt in the Isle of Man on 30 September 2007. Two weeks later, in Yerevan, he won the World Junior Chess Championship - an outstanding achievement and probably the most significant chess achievement by a chessplayer from Africa in history. In the interview (conducted by Manuel Weeks and David Smerdon) he pays tribute to his first coach Hassan Khaled, and also Edvars Kengis of Latvia (who helped him improve and get his rating up from 2200 to 2490 in six months), but also tells us about his fencing and ice skating skills, his friends, and what his chess aspirations are. Ahmed is such a fun guy we could have gone on talking to him for hours!


Part 2 of the interview lasts approximately 7 minutes





Here's another video we filmed at the end of the Isle of Man tournament, with German IM/WGM Elisabeth Paehtz, herself a former world junior champion. She tells us something about her current job - soldier in the army (actually, a 'sports soldier') - and her future aspirations. She talks about all manner of chess issues including getting up in the morning at 5am (to play chess at 8.30am! - army life is tough), personal hygiene in the tournament room (some superstitious players apparently don't like to change their clothes if they are winning), women and chess, use of women's photos in magazines and websites (Elli's not keen on the bikini shots seen at ChessBase) and how she doesn't see herself as a role model for girl players. She also talks about her new hobby - singing. She sang a duet with Emil Sutovsky at Gibraltarlast year (sorry, we don't have a clip of that - but maybe next year). The video last about 10 minutes.





Peter Doggers very kindly allowed us to feature one of his videos here: a short interview with Viorel Bologan, who will be playing in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters tournament. Click on the link to watch the video - and check here frequently as we are also hoping to put up some clips of action before the Gibtelecom festival starts


Next, here's an 8-minute video clip from the 2007 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournament in Port Erin, taken by me (John Saunders). It includes the view from the venue, then moves on to an interview with Australian IM David Smerdon talking to fellow Australian FM Manuel Weeks about the achievement of his third GM norm and his play over the last year. He also pays fulsome tribute to the recently retired Australian number one Ian Rogers - who is of course going to be giving master classes at the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters tournament.




Here's some footage from the Monarch Assurance tournament, round four.




More video clips soon from recent British events and also more top player interviews...
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