2008 Gibtelecom Chess Festival


What's new on this website...


8 February 2008: All the games of the 2nd 2008 Amateur tournament are now available from the Downloads page.


7 February 2008: All the games of the 1st 2008 Amateur tournament are now available from the Downloads page.


6 February 2008: the Masters game download is now complete (two missing round 10 games added)


5 February 2008: the prize list for the Masters tournament is now available. It includes details of norms achieved.


5 February 2008: the webmaster's video tribute to the 6th Gibtelecom Chess Festival ("Ajedrez en el Mediterraneo") may be found on the video page.


5 February 2008: it is possible to read tournament victor Hikaru Nakamura's own comments on his games at his own blog/website.


3 February 2008: Final Masters results are available, plus all the Masters games. And the Challengers 2 tournament games are also now available.


1 February 2008: It's the morning after the night before and the tournament's over. But don't forget to have a look at the Final Round Report.


31 January 2008: Full report on Round Nine now available.


30 January 2008: results of last night's Gibtelecom Team Pairs Blitz Tournament are now available - worth reading for the names of teams alone.


30 January 2008: John Saunders and Manuel Weeks report on Round Eight action in the Masters.


29 January 2008: Manuel Weeks reports on the action in Round Five and also Round Seven.


27 January 2008: Challengers 2 and Amateur 2 round 2 draws available; Masters round 6 PGN available at downloads page. And the Masters pairings for round 7 (posted at 22:31).


27January 2008: Don't miss Zeljka Malobabic's fantastic new video, featuring close encounters between our super-GMs and Gibraltar's super-monkeys. At the Video page...


26 January 2008: All the round 5 games are now available at the Download page.


26 January 2008: another deluge of photos, accompanied by the sort of popular music favoured by young people, is now available from the Video page.


26 January 2008: we've been taking lots of photos at the tournament and we've finally found a bit of time to display them here. Check out the Amateur Tournament page, where we feature some photos of entrants, including local competitors from Gibraltar. If any other competitors have photos to share with us, we'd be delighted to post them here. Also, photos on the Challengers page.


25 January 2008: the round five pairings for all tournaments are available.


25 January 2008: Manuel Weeks has prepared a photo show from the first two rounds.


24 January 2008: All the round 3 Masters and Challengers games are now available from the Downloads page.


24 January 2008: Don't miss the video clip, kindly supplied by Monroi operator Zeljka Malobabic - look for the appearance of an ape (about 2.5 minutes into the clip) which manages to upstage GM Ian Rogers' narration.


24 January 2008: Team of Four Blitz. Last night we held a 'team of four' blitz tournament. It was enormously strong, with big-name GMs letting their hair down and enjoying beer and blitz in the bar area. Catch the report here, with words by Stewart Reuben and photos by Zeljka Malobabic.


24 January 2008: there is more than just chess to be played here in Gibraltar. We also host an entropy tournament. If you don't know what entropy is, look it up on Wikipedia.


23 January 2008: Round 3 Challengers and Amateurs pairings are available.


16 January 2008: it's now G-Day minus six! Updates are still being made to the entrants lists in the run-up to the start of the tournament. But if you don't see your name yet, my advice is don't panic! There is inevitably some delay in communicating new entrants between the hotel and the website and just because you don't see your name here, it doesn't mean your entry has not been processed. If you wish to check, please to the administrative staff at the hotel.


8 January 2008: more updates to the Masters, Challengers, and Amateurs lists.


4 January 2008: Happy new year to everyone. A lot of new names have been added to the Masters, Challengers, Amateurs and Administrative Staff lists. Also, new ratings for January 2008.


18 December 2007: additions made to the Masters, Challengers, Amateurs and Administrative Staff lists.


14 December 2007: a few additions made to the Masters, Amateur and Administrative Staff lists.


8 December 2007: list of Masters, Challengers and Amateur entrants updated - there are now 124 names on the Masters list.


30 November 2007: note that this site now has an alternative web address which is www.gibraltarchesscongress.net


27 November 2007: the Challengers, Amateurs and Admin Staff details have been updated.


26 November 2007: the list of Masters entrants has been updated.


20 November 2007: Tigran L Petrosian has won the Gibtelecom ICC Blitz Qualifier, so he will be making an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters. We have a file of 60 games from the qualifer to view or download.


13 November 2007: some big-name players from China have just been added to the list of players in the Masters... Wang Yue, Bu Xiangzhi, Wang Hao, plus female players Zhao Xue and Wang Yu.


12 November 2007: check out the Gibtelecom ICC Blitz Qualifier here, and also on the ICC website, to find out how you can win an all-expenses-paid place in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters.


6 November 2007: Simen Agdestein has kindly sent us photos of his young Norwegian contingent. And himself ballroom dancing on the TV. Well worth a look - go to the List of Players page.


3 November 2007: the players' lists have now been divided up into three separate sections: Masters, Challengers and Amateurs. The lists have all been updated to include the latest entrants, as at 2 November 2007. The website also now features a list of the tournament's administrative staff, together with a photo and short resume of their chess careers - click here.


27 October 2007: Now on the Video page, we are featuring an interview with Egyptian GM Ahmed Adly, which was filmed in the Isle of Man on 30 September. Straight after this event, Ahmed travelled to the World Junior Championship in Yerevan, Armenia... and won it! A fantastic achievement. Ahmed is a really entertaining young man to talk to and we could have gone on chatting to him all day!


24 October 2007: We've added an eight-minute video clip to the Video page featuring some outdoor shots from the 2007 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournament, plus a very interesting interview with Australian IM David Smerdon who has recently achieved his third and final GM norm. We've got lots more footage to come over the next couple of weeks so check back here regularly.


23 October 2007: List of competitors updated - Ni Hua, Zhang Pengxiang, Yannick Pelletier, Dmitry Bocharov, Alexis Cabrera, Sophie Milliet. Still they keep coming! The 2008 Gibtelecom Masters is shaping up as a very strong event indeed. The current GM count is 28. Watch this space.


22 October 2007: List of competitors updated again. One really big name - Alexander Grischuk.


17 October 2007: ICC Gibraltar Blitz Tournament - The first event of the 6th Gibtelecom Chess Festival begins on Saturday 10 November 2007 - but you can play from the comfort of your own home! Thanks to the generosity of the Internet Chess Club, the first prize in this online blitz tournament includes travel to the Gibraltar Chess Festival from anywhere in the world, plus entry and accommodation plus board for the whole tournament. You can expect to cross swords with grandmasters in this competition. Check out the full details here.


17 October 2007: check out the home page for details of a proposed Malaga Airport to Gibraltar bus service, or click here.


06 October 2007: the List of competitors updated again with more of the lower-rated entrants' details.


14 September 2007: List of competitors updated (Georgiev, Fridman, Zatonskih, etc).


10 September 2007: List of leading competitors updated (Hiilarp Persson and Berg)


28 August 2007: List of leading competitors updated with further photos.


27 August 2007: First list of leading competitors posted - photos and pen pictures of the first batch of 2008 competitors. There will be lots more here soon, so keep an eye on the website. Also, we've started a video clip page which currently features a short interview with Viorel Bologan by Peter Doggers.


26 August 2007: Links page updated - you can now look up FIDE ratings and ECF grades directly from this page.


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