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ICC Gibraltar Blitz Tournament

The first event of the 6th Gibtelecom Gibraltar Chess Festival took place from 15-18November 2007, sponsored by the Internet Chess Club (ICC).



John Henderson of ICC reports: There must be something in the name after all. The young Armenian with the famous namesake, Tigran L. Petrosian, proved yet again he's one of the top dogs on ICC after winning his second major online qualifier of the year.


Petrosian, who beat Gata Kamsky earlier in the year to win the Mainz qualifier, this time beat GM Gadir Guseniov to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Gibtelecom Masters in Gibraltar, coming up in January 2008. Petrosian was the top seed in the 16-player final, and along the way he beat the young Australian hopeful Max Illingworth, fellow titled players Viktor Komliakov and Safarli Eltaj, before winning the title with a convincing 3.5-0.5 victory over Guseniov.


Final Placings: 1 GM Tigran L. Petrosian (wins a trip to Gibraltar tournament); 2 GM Gadir Guseinov ($400) 3. IM Safarli Eltaj ($150)


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The Internet Chess Club is organizing an online event where the first prize includes travel to the Gibraltar Chess Festival from anywhere in the world! The prize also includes entry and accommodation plus board for the whole tournament.


Click here for full details at the Internet Chess Club website


It really is a fantastic prize for any chessplayer so we expect the competition to be fierce! We must give thanks to ICC for their generous sponsorship making the prize possible. This online event should last less than a week: all you have to do is play, and play well, on ICC!


There will be three qualifiers to the knockout finals. You can play in as many qualifiers as you like. All qualifiers will have 9 rounds, swiss pairings. The games are rated in the Blitz category. Late joining is possible until round 6, but half point byes are only available for the first three rounds.


Here's the schedule:



Thursday, November 15 at 4pm*
Friday, November 16 at 6pm*
Saturday, November 17 at 2pm*


Sunday, November 18, at 1pm*


* All times are server time (EDT, New York Time). Type "date" on ICC and compare to your local time.


First five from each qualifier would go into the finals, together with one qualifier from our sister server WCL, giving 16 finalists, who play four knockout rounds to find a winner.


Time control 3 0 throughout (that's 3 minutes each for the game, zero increment)




The winner of the tournament will receive a round trip ticket, hotel room and breakfast and automatic seat to the exclusive Gibetelecom Chess Festival.


In case the winner cannot travel to Gibraltar, the first prize will be awarded to the runner up. In case also the runner up cannot travel, the first prize will be offered to the player who lost to the later winner in the semifinals, and after that to the other semifinalist. In those cases, the winner will only receive the cash prize which the player who eventually travels to Mexico originally won.


Second place will receive USD $400 in cash.


Third and fourth place will receive USD $150 in cash each.


In addition, there will be prizes raffled between all participants who finish a qualifier, for EVERY qualifier. Four 3-months ICC extensions per qualifier, giving a total of 36 months just for playing. Note that in order to be eligible for the raffle, (a) the qualifier must be finished orderly (not forfeited), (b) the player did not qualify for the finals, and (c) the account used is a paid one.


On top of this, there will be prizes for the players who score most points over all qualifiers:


Should GM/IMs win membership extensions, they can donate those extensions to other players of their choice.
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