2009 Gibtelecom Chess Festival: Venue


The Caleta Hotel, Catalan Bay, Gibraltar


The venue for all tournaments is the Caleta Hotel where you will be able to enjoy playing chess with the comforts of a four-star hotel and relax alongside the Mediterranean Sea whilst playing your game.



Many of the tournaments participants will be staying here. All the invited players have enjoyed the facilities of the Caleta hotel for the past years of the festival. For accommodation package details please go to our accommodation page.




For details of how to travel to Gibraltar, go to our transport page.


If you stay at the tournament venue you will be able to bask in the sunrise over Catalan Bay every morning and then visit the town centre after a short walk around the famous "Rock of Gibraltar".






All the rooms at the Caleta Hotel are equipped with the latest in facilities to make you feel at home while you relax preparing for your game or analysing the one that got away!






Courtesy Bus

This service will be provided from 12:30hrs to 15:00hrs each day from 27 January - 5 February 2009 from the six other hotels, starting at The Rock. A return service will be provided at 14:30, 19:30 and 21:30. No responsibility can be accepted for any failure in this new service. In any case, there are buses and taxis, and it is also possible to walk to the Caleta Hotel.


View of the Rock from the Caleta Hotel terrace


If you are feeling fit enough, you can walk to the top of the rock and see the view from above! Not only can you look below at the Caleta Hotel but also at the rest of Gibraltar and the sea beyond. On a clear day you can see Africa in the distance and the mountains of Morocco. Gibraltar is one of the southernmost points of Europe. It also enjoys temperate weather at a time of year when things can get decidedly chilly in Britain and elsewhere!


Caleta Hotel
So, why not come and enjoy a chess tournament in a picturesque and beautiful setting!.
Caleta Hotel