2009 Gibtelecom Chess Festival


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29 January 2009: apologies for the problems with commentary transmissions on the first two days of the tournament. We think we have the problems sorted out for Round 3 (Thursday). Click on Live Commentary at 3pm (Gibraltar time), 2pm (UK time), to watch (and listen to) games analysis with GM and British Champion Stuart Conquest. Also, we have webcams in the tournament hall - live webcam of the tournament hall - and the commentary room - live webcam of the commentary room. These webcams work all day so you can watch as people come and go in the morning too.


28 January 2009 (18:00hrs): Challengers/Amateurs Round 3 Pairings available, plus Round 2 results and downloads.


27 January 2009 (22:47hrs): all results and pairings for Wednesday now available


22 January 2009: Another substantial batch of names has just been posted on the website.


19 January 2009: the player lists have now been updated with all the names that have been passed to me by the Caleta Hotel (as at 11 January). If your name does not appear, please check first to see if it is on the list for a different tournament. If you can't find it on any list, then check first with the Caleta Hotel. Masters 2350 and overMasters Under 2350ChallengersAmateurs. There is also a simple list of players from all tournaments with their FIDE registration details.


16 January 2009: apologies for the slowness in updating the entry lists - the webmaster has the flu! I'm now on the road to recovery, and I have lots of new names to go up. Bear with me...


1 January 2009: Happy new year to everyone! January 2009 ratings have now been applied to all lists of players on the website. A simple list of entrants to ALL 2009 Gibtelecom Festival tournaments, showing full FIDE registration details may be found here. Only 26 days to go to the start of the tournament...


23 December 2008: the rest of the names on a long list have been entered today.


22 December 2008: a lot more name went up today on all three tournament lists - Masters, Challengers and Amateur - but there are still many names left to go up. I shall try to put some more up soon.


18 December 2008: some more names and photos added to the Masters, Challengers and Amateur lists.


9 December 2008: a few more names have been added over the past two days.


24 November 2008: More names added.


14 November 2008: More big names... Simen Agdestein, GN Gopal and Chanda Sandipan will be returning in 2009.


13 November 2008: More new names of competitors added to the Masters, Challengers and Amateur lists.


9 November 2008: Four more GMs added to the list of competitors: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FRA), Pentala Harikrishna (IND), Boris Avrukh (ISR) and Arnaud Hauchard (FRA). It's getting very strong!


30 October 2008: update to add three new players (Stefan Fruebing, Florian Armbrust and Aleksander I Nikitin) to the Masters, and Ian and Ray Apps to the Amateur 1.


21 October 2008: update to add three new players (Andrew Green, Holger Rasch and Vincent Heinis).


18 October 2008: ahora se puede leer la página inicial en español... también se puede bajar el formulario de inscripción en español


13 October 2008: a few more names added to the three different events today.


10 October 2008 - the tournament is getting stronger all the time! Jan Timman and Antoaneta Stefanova have been added to the list of Masters entrants...


08 October 2008 - We now the latest lists of Challengers and Amateur entrants for the 2009 festival.


07 October 2008 - The left-hand panel now shows an entry for 'Who's Who' which will take you to a page showing the latest list of entrants to the Masters tournament, with links to a list of administrative staff and tournament officials.


24 July 2008 - You can now download the 2009 Gibtelecom Chess Brochure (PDF format, 1.2 MBs). Also, we now have a provisional list of leading entrants to the 2009 Gibraltar Masters.


24 May 2008 - Update to the sponsors page, etc.


2 May 2008 - Details regarding the 7th Gibtelecom Festival 2009 are starting to be posted as of today. This part of the website is not live yet, however.


8 February 2008: All the games of the 2nd 2008 Amateur tournament are now available from the Downloads page.


7 February 2008: All the games of the 1st 2008 Amateur tournament are now available from the Downloads page.


6 February 2008: the Masters game download is now complete (two missing round 10 games added)


5 February 2008: the prize list for the Masters tournament is now available. It includes details of norms achieved.


5 February 2008: the webmaster's video tribute to the 6th Gibtelecom Chess Festival ("Ajedrez en el Mediterraneo") may be found on the video page.


5 February 2008: it is possible to read tournament victor Hikaru Nakamura's own comments on his games at his own blog/website.


3 February 2008: Final Masters results are available, plus all the Masters games. And the Challengers 2 tournament games are also now available.




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