2010 Gibtelecom Chess Festival: Press Reports

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Index of Media Releases


26 January: First Move at 2010 Gibtelecom International Chess Festival

27 January: Gibtelcom Chess Festival Brings Latest Online Web Facilities for Chess World

28 January: A Lively First Masterclass is a Great Success

29 January: "Gibraltar Is A Powerful Player In The World Of Chess”

30 January: Norwegian Players Find Gib Tournament ‘Very Inspiring’

30 January: Gibraltar’s Mayor is Highly Impressed with Chess Festival

29 January: What a Blitz!

31 January: Boris Spassky Presents First Week Prizes [subsumed into this page and this page]

31 January: Peruvians Play Chess On Top Of The Rock With Most Famous Inhabitants

1 February: Monkey Business - Superstar Chess Players Visit the Rock's Most Famous Residents



Caleta Hotel



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