2010 Gibtelecom Chess Festival

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A Lively First Masterclass is a Great Success


Alice MascarenhasAlice Mascarenhas reports: Jovanka Houska, the reigning British Women's Chess Champion, and Tania Sachdev, a former India Women's Champion, participated in the first Masterclass of the tournament in the newly-built Archie Suite on Wednesday which was again broardcast live on the internet. Hosted by Grandmaster Stuart Conquest, there was a packed house of chess enthusiasts who followed the lively session with interest, with each player showing one of their games from the tournament.


Bubbly and charming, both Jovanka and Tania analysed each of their games taking questions from the floor. The session lasted one and a half hours. The Master Classes are a major part of the 10 day festival bringing together the players from all over the world.


Tania showed her game from Wednesday in which she drew against GM Vadim Malakhatko from Belgium.


Stuart Conquest and Tania Sachdev
Stuart Conquest and Tania Sachdev


Jovanka showed her first round game in which she had won.


Stuart Conquest and Jovanka Houska
Stuart Conquest and Jovanka Houska


GM Stuart Conquest, described the class as “extremely lively and a big success”.


He added: “There was much interest with much interaction from the floor. It was a most entertaining fun evening which proved popular with everyone and which set the pace and atmosphere for the all the planned social events of the tournament.”


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