2010 Gibtelecom Chess Festival

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Peruvians Play Chess On Top Of The Rock With Most Famous Inhabitants


Alice MascarenhasAlice Mascarenhas reports: Peruvian World Chess Champions, brother and sister Jorge Moises and Deysi Estela Cori Tello were taken on a Rock tour by the Gibraltar Tourist Board this weekend.


Participating for the first time in the Masters of the Gibtelecom International Chess Festival they visited all the main sites including the Great Siege Tunnels, St Michael’s Cave,  The Lighthouse, The King’s Bastion Leisure Centre, and were also introduced to the Rock’s most famous inhabitants the Barbary Apes on the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.


Jorge on top of the Rock with some very curious Barbary Apes
Jorge on top of the Rock with some very curious Barbary Apes


As curious as ever, as soon as the chess board pieces were laid out, the Barbary Apes could not resist taking a closer look which amused young Jorge. A trip into town saw them visit the King’s Bastion Leisure Centre, where Jorge also got a chance to play some pool.


At the southern tip of Gibraltar at Europa Point where the Lighthouse is located there was also an opportunity for Deysi to have her picture taken.


Deysi at the southern most tip of Europe with the Trinity Lighthouse in the background
Deysi at the southernmost tip of Europe with the Trinity Lighthouse in the background


The charming youngsters won their junior titles at the 2009 World Youth Championships in Turkey. Jorge won the Under-14 world title. Deysi i won the Girls Under-16 title at the same time. Their twin victories naturally caused a sensation in Peru. They are both enjoying this tournament tremendously and are particularly keen on the strong competition. "We love the atmosphere in which everyone plays chess,” they commented.


It was their father, Jorge, with the youngsters on the Rock tour, who first introduced them to chess, a game which came naturally to both of them. Playing chess since the age of six they are now wanting to enter the professional circuit.


Escorted by Gail from the Gibraltar Tourist Board on the Rock tour, they were joined by their father Jorge and said after they had had “a swell time” and had been very much impressed with what they saw.


“We had a great time! We really enjoyed ourselves!”


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