2010 Gibraltar Chess Festival - Who's Who

This page features a list of entrants and organisers at the 2010 Gibtelecom Masters tournament.

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Amateurs (FIDE ratings from January 2010 List or converted ECF grades - grade x 8 + 600)

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Short biographies (and most of the photos) are by - please let me know if I have made any mistakes! Many thanks to others who have supplied photos (Cathy Rogers, Simen Agdestein, etc). If you are playing in the tournament and we don't currently display your photo, do please send one in to and I'll be delighted to put it up here. Also feel free to write your own mini-biography!

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Name Fed Rating
Bishop, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Bishop
ENG 1851 Amateur 1 and 2. Born in 1948, Geoffrey plays his chess for Chislehurst CC. In 2008 he scored a modest 1½/5 in Amateur 1 but came storming back to take the £1,000 first prize in Amateur 2 with 5/5. In 2009 he scored 3, 3 and 3 (in the Masters, Amateur 1 and Amateur 2). His current ECF grade is 145.
Haddock, Paul

ENG 1793 Amateur 1 and 2. ECF grade of 109. Born in 1964, Paul plays for the Met Police CC. He played in Gibraltar in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Paul also has a USCF rating of 1460 (he played in the US National Open in Las Vegas in June 2008).
Edwards, Stephen A
ENG 1784 Amateur 1. ECF grade of 148. Stephen is a member of the Boldmere St Michael club, near Sutton Coldfield. This will be his first Gibtelecom Festival.
Benrherbal, Abdelali MOR 1780 Amateur 1.
Salomon, Johan
Johan Salomon
NOR 1771 Amateur 2. Born in 1997. Played in the Gibtelecom Amateur event in 2008 and again in 2009.
Kuenitz, Klaus
Kuenitz, Klaus
GER 1755 Amateur 1 and 2. Klaus was born in 1944 and has played in every Gibtelecom festival since 2005, taking part in the Masters, Challengers and Amateur. He won the 2nd week Amateur event in 2007.
Hannan, Peter
Hannan, Peter
ENG 1752 Amateur 2. ECF grade of 144. Peter is a qualified ECF arbiter and a member of Charlton Chess Club. Hopefully, when someone finally writes the definitive account of the golden age of English chess, Peter and his wife Rosemary will be given credit for the highly significant part they played in it. For many years they threw open the doors of their house to impoverished or itinerant chessplayers who happened to be in the London area at the time. Just to name two: Murray Chandler and David Bronstein were house-guests of the Hannans for significant periods of time.
Agdestein, Sjur NOR 1729 Amateur 1. Born in 1956. The rating given is a Norwegian national rating.
Homer, Neil S
Homer, Neil S
ENG 1704 Amateur 1 and 2. Born in 1964. ECF grade of 138. From Northamptonshire. Scored 2½/5 in Amateur 2 in 2009.
Hegelund, Ole Jakob NOR 1702 Amateur 1. Born in 1993. Norwegian national rating 1467.
Gallardo Ribot, Laura
Gallardo Ribot, Laura
ESP 1698 Amateur 1 and 2. Born in 1987.
Coats, Jon R
Coats, Jon R
ENG 1696 Amateur 1 and 2. ECF grade of 137. From Swindon in Wiltshire, Jon plays for the Brown Jack pub team. He scored 2½/5 and 2/5 in the 2008 Gibtelecom Amateur tournaments, and 3/5 and 2½/5 in the same events in 2009.
Naldrett, Geoff W
Geoff W Naldrett
ENG 1696 Amateur 2. Born in 1947. A member of Insurance Chess Club, graded 137. Played in 2009, scoring 4 and 3 in th Amateur events.
McGladdery, David
David McGladdery
ENG 1664 Dave, from Hassocks in Sussex, has an ECF grade of 133. He played in the 2007 Gibtelecom Festival, scoring 2½/5 in Amateur 2. In 2009 he scored 3/5 in each of the Amateur tournaments. He is a keen tournament competitor in the UK. He is a member of Worthing Chess club and plays for Sussex under 125 county team.
Garcia, Mario
Mario Garcia
GIB 1663 Has played in the four three Gibtelecom Festivals, in both Challengers and Amateur sections.
Walshaw, David ENG 1640 Amateur 1 and 2. David has an ECF grade of 130. He is a member of the Jesmond club.
O'Connell, Denis
Denis O'Connell
IRL 1599 Amateur 2. Denis, from County Cork, is a regular tournament competitor in Ireland. In 2009 he scored 4/5 to finish 3rd= in the Amateur 2 competition.
Fetzner, Frank
Fetzner, Frank
GER 1592 Amateur 1. The rating given is a national one. Born in 1968, Frank is a member of the SC Königsspringer Alzenau club.
Elfverson, Cajsa SWE 1569 Amateur 1. Born in 1966.
Brooks, Harry ENG 1552 Of the Great Lever club, he has a grade of 119.
Candano Gonzalez, Alvaro
ESP 1540
Huba, Mark
Huba, Mark
ENG 1496 Amateur 2. Mark is a long-standing member of the King's Head club in West London. He is well-known as a chess photographer, working for 'Chess' magazine and many other publications. Ironically, it took me ages to track down a photo of him, since when I have managed to train a lens on him myself at the 2009 Gibtelecom Amateur 2 tournament in which he scored 3/5. Mark tells me that his date of birth is 9 April 1941, contrary to what appears in an old copy of the BCF Grading List in my possession - it has the day, month and year wrong! Still, they got the century right...
Jones, Sid
Jones, Sid
ENG 1472 Amateur 2. ECF grade 109. Born in 1936, Sidney is a member of the Dorchester club in Dorset and has been a regular competitor in Guernsey, Jersey and Royal Beacon events. He played in the 2009 Gibtelecom Amateur 1 tournament.
Foran, Barry
Barry Foran
IRL (1416) Amateur 2. Irish Chess Union rating of 1416. Barry, from County Cork, is a regular tournament competitor in Ireland. Scored 3½/5 in the 2009 Amateur 2 competition.
Whatley, Stephen Arthur James
Stephen Arthur James Whatley
GIB 1408 Amateur 1 and 2. Stephen was born in 1999 and his parents Sharon and Steve very kindly sent me a photo and some more info. Stephen has two chess titles to his credit - Gibtelecom Junior Under-8 Champion in both 2007 and 2008. He played in the British Under-11, Under-8, Under-9 and Under-10 Championships in Liverpool in 2008, scoring 1½/7 (32nd place), 3/6 (12th= place), 4½/7 (6th= place) and 2/7 (22nd place) respectively. He scored 2/5 in the Amateur 2 tournament in Gibraltar in 2009. ECF grade 101.
Knight Gonzalez, Carlos James
Knight Gonzalez, Carlos James
MEX 1400 Amateur 2. The rating is based on an English grade of 100.
Cox, Marian
Cox, Marian
ENG 1384 Amateur 1 and 2. ECF grade of 98. A member of Horsham CC. Marian has played in Gibraltar in 2008 and 2009 so will be making her third visit.
Cox, Reg
Cox, Reg
ENG 1352 Amateur 1 and 2. ECF grade of 94. A member of Beckenham and Bromley CC and a regular visitor to the Jersey, Guernsey and Royal Beacon congresses. Reg will be making his third visit to Gibraltar in 2010.
Agdestein, Fredrick NOR 1306 Amateur 1. Born in 1994. The rating given is a Norwegian national rating.
Jacobsen, Caroline Beer
NOR 1300 Amateur 1 and 2. Born in 1997.
Albrecht, Franz
Albrecht, Franz
GER 1238 Amateur 1 and 2. Born in 1948. 1238 is a German national rating.
Apps, Ian
Apps, Ian
ENG 1224 Amateur 1. Ian plays for the Metropolitan Police CC and has a grade of 78. Ian played in Gibraltar in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Shabarinath, Iyer
IND - Amateur 1 and 2. Unrated.
Apps, Ray
Apps, Ray
ENG - Amateur 1. Ray played in the Week 1 Amateur event at the 2009 Gibtelecom Festival. He is ungraded.
Apps, Matthew
Apps, Matthew
ENG - Amateur 1. We seem to have more "Appses" than a Roman basilica (sorry, guys, couldn't resist).
Poggio, Freddie
Freddie Poggio
GIB - Freddie has played in the Amateur events of 2007, 2008 and 2009 previously.
Berggren, Klas SWE - Amateur 1. Born in 1966.
Barros Campoy, Jose Manuel
ESP - Amateur 1. Born in 1963. Played five rounds of the 2005 Gibtelecom Masters, scoring 1/5, then 2½/5 in Amateur 1 in 2009.
Agdestein, Victoria NOR - Amateur 1. Born in 1997.
Grodas, Ole Jakob NOR - Amateur 1. Born in 1995.
Grodas, Margrethe Bjerkem
NOR - Amateur 1. Born in 1996.
Yarur, Maria Jose CHI - Amateur 1.
Mena Berenguer, Francisco
ESP - Amateur 2.
Ibanez de Aldecoa Silvela, Zoilo
ESP - Amateur 1 and 2.
Oliva Parra, Ernesto
ESP - Amateur 2.
Flynn, James IRL - Amateur 1. Born in 1992.
Adams, Erdelyi HUN - Amateur 2.



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