2010 Gibraltar Chess Festival - Who's Who

This page features a list of entrants and organisers at the 2010 Gibtelecom Masters tournament.

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Masters - Rated Below 2350 (ratings from January 2010 List)

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Short biographies (and most of the photos) are by - please let me know if I have made any mistakes! Many thanks to others who have supplied photos (Cathy Rogers, Simen Agdestein, etc). If you are playing in the tournament and we don't currently display your photo, do please send one in to and I'll be delighted to put it up here. Also feel free to write your own mini-biography!

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Name Fed Rating
Sharma, Dinesh K
Sharma, Dinesh K
IND 2344m Born in 1976. Dinesh scored 4/9 at the 2006 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man Open.
Lovik, Lasse Ostebo
Lasse Ostebo Lovik
NOR 2343f Lasse is from Stavanger and was born in 1992. He scored 5/10 in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters but the bare score doesn't tell the story of his highly memorable tournament: he beat US IM Joe Bradford (2419), Kruttika Nadig (2208) and IM (now GM) Nana Dzagnidze (2429). He also scored 3/5 in Challengers 1 and 2½/5 in Challengers 2.When he played here in 2009 he was still only rated 2183. He scored 5½/10 in the Masters (including a win against Irina Krush), and 3½/5 and 2½/5 in the two Challengers events. He has made rapid progress since then. He has two IM norms.
Peek, Marcel
Peek, Marcel
NED 2342m Born in 1961, Marcel played in the 2006 Gibtelecom Masters, starting with a draw against Korchnoi and later beating Pelletier before eventually finishing on 5½/10. Marcel has also made pilgrimages to the Isle Man, scoring 5/9 in 2004, 5/9 in 2005 and 4½/9 in 2006. He made 5½/9 in the 2006/7 Hastings and 5/10 at the 2008 EU Championship in Liverpool. I found an entry about Marcel on Wikipedia - but in Dutch. Nothing daunted, I fed the Dutch words into an online translator to find that Marcel works as an internet manager for a Dutch broadcasting company and plays something called "chamber pot chess" with some of his chess club friends. Well, that's what Alta Vista's Babelfish translator told me, anyway.
Dittmar, Peter
Dittmar, Peter
GER 2341f Peter was born in 1960. He played in the 2007 Gibtelecom Masters, scoring 4½/9, and in the 2009 Masters, scoring 5/10. Peter has some good notches on his belt, with tournament wins against Mihail Marin, Aleksandar Wohl and Artur Kogan.
Reizniece, Dana
Reizniece, Dana
LAT 2341wg Born in 1981, Dana is a four-times winner of the Latvian Women's Championship and twice winner of the European Girls' U18 Championship. She has played for Latvia at four Women's Olympiads and two European Women's Team Championships, each time on board one. If you click here, you can see Dana presenting a TV documentary on the production of Latvia's first satellite. Unfortunately it is in Latvian! One website I visited told me she also does aerobics, downhill skiing, skating, fishing, mushroom picking and driving.
Sedina, Elena

ITA 2335m Born in 1968, Elena was born in Kiev, Ukraine and was originally registered as a Ukrainian player, becoming a WIM in 1991. In 1994 in Moscow she played the first of four Women's Olympiads for Ukraine, scoring a remarkable 10½/12 on the 4th board, thus winning the gold medal for that board and making the second best rating performance in the Olympiad (behind Sofia Polgar). She also won the bronze medal on board three for Ukraine in the 1996 Women's Olympiad, which was the year after she moved to Italy. She became a WGM in 1996 and IM in 1998. She registered as an Italian player in 2001 and has since played for her new country in three Olympiads, all on board one, and also led their women's team to a gold medal success in the 2008 Mitropa Cup. She has played some games for Wood Green in the 4NCL (British Team League) in England, including the notable match where Wood Green fielded seven leading women players and 'token male' Alexei Shirov in 2004. In 2001 Elena won the Swiss Women's Championship and in the same year won through one round of the FIDE Women's World Championship (beating Olga Alexandrovna) before being eliminated by Maia Chiburdanidze. In 2004 she went in the first round to Elina Danielian. In 2004/5 Elena became the first woman player to win the Australian Open Championship, scoring 8½/11 ahead of GMs Johansen, Hecht and Kengis. In 2008 Elena reached the third round of the women's world championship, beating Chinese prodigy Hou Yifan in the second game to level at 1-1, but then going out in a rapidplay eliminator. Her highest rating to date was 2434 in 2003. She has not played in Gibraltar before.
Zozulia, Anna
Anna Zozulia
BEL 2321m As usual, Anna, born 1980, is accompanying her husband Vadim Malakhatko to the tournament but she is of course a very strong player in her own right. They are both Ukrainian but now registered for Belgium. She holds both IM and WGM titles. When England's Ruth Sheldon won the World Girls' Under 14 championship in 1993, Anna was the only player who managed to beat her. She herself is a former holder of the European Girls' Under 18 Championship and winner of various national (Ukrainian) girls' titles. She has played at the last three Monarch Assurance tournaments, scalping GM Mark Hebden in 2006 (though Mark had his revenge in 2007).
Larsen, Karsten DEN 2319f Born in 1967.
Wantiez, Fabrice
Wantiez, Fabrice
BEL 2315f From Brussels, Fabrice was born in 1971 (says FIDE) or 1976 (says his Facebook page). He is something of a chess photographer (visit his website: http://www.echecs-photos.be/ and see in particular his collection of photos of Bobby Fischer).
Andre, Gordon GER 2308 Born in 1979.
Kantans, Toms LAT 2303 Born in 1994.
Forsaa, Espen
Espen Forsaa
NOR 2301f Born in 1990. Scored 6/10 in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters, including a win against English IM Andrew Greet. Scored 5½/10 in the 2009 Masters, including a draw, a win and another draw against three IMs in a row (Max Devereaux, Lawrence Trent and Anna Zatonskih). Espen has one IM norm.
Videnova, Iva
Videnova, Ivana
BUL 2301wf Born in 1987.
Perez Pardo, Juan Carlos
ESP 2297 Born in 1967.
Stebbings, Anthony
Anthony Stebbings
ENG 2290 Born in 1951, Tony is a member of the Beckenham & Charlton club and has an ECF grade of 190. He's been a strong competitor on the UK chess scene for as long as I can remember. In 2009 he scored 5/10 in the Masters.
Piasetski, Leon
Piasetski, Leon
CAN 2285m Born in 1951, Leon became an IM in 1975. He has represented Canada at five Olympiads and at the Manila Interzonal in 1990. He has wins against several GMs including Gheorghiu, Shabalov, Spraggett, and more recently, Ivanisevic, Efimov, Cebalo and Y. Gruenfeld. Leon lived in Japan for 15 years teaching English at several universities and recently returned to his home in Vancouver, Canada.
Getz, Nicolai
Nicolai Getz
NOR 2280 Born in 1991. Played in the 2008 Gibtelecom Festival, scoring 4½/10 in the Masters, 3/5 in Challengers 1 and 2½/5 in Challengers 2. In 2009 he scored 4½/10 in the Masters, but an amazing 5/5 in Challengers 1 (including a much-acclaimed victory over a Russian in the last round) and then 4½/5 to share first place with Johannes Kvisla in Challengers 2, earning himself a big pile of cash. Nicolai has one IM norm.
Kozlov, Oleg
Oleg Kozlov
RUS 2279m Born 1960. Scored 5½/10 in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters (including a win against GM Gawain Jones) which won him a £1,500 rating prize. He scored 3½/5 in Challengers 1 (losing his last round game to Mark Lyell) but then 5/5 to scoop the £1,500 first prize in Challengers 2. His rating used to be 2400+ but then sharply declined between 2003 and 2005. In 2009 he scored 4/5 in the two Challengers events but, despite a sub-2200 rating, then made an unbelievable 6½/10 (TPR 2481) in the Masters, beating two GMs (Monika Socko and Vasilios Kotronias) to win another big rating prize.
Royset, Paal NOR 2279 Born in 1974.
Schuetze, Norman
GER 2269 Born in 1981.
Nikolaidis, Konstantinos
GRE 2266f Born in 1964. The entry form specified Challengers but his rating is too high. Resident in England.
Meskovs, Nikita LAT 2264 Born in 1994.
Schoene, Maria
Schoene, Maria
GER 2251wm Born in 1987, in Grossroehrsdorf, Germany, and taught by her father at the age of nine. She won the German U14 Girls' Championship in 2001 and U16 Girls' Championship in 2002. In 2006 she won the Radebeuler Open ahead of GM Zigurd Lanka with a performance of 2488 DWZ (the German equivalent to Elo). In 2009 she was awarded the title of WIM.
Montero Melendez, Rafael
ESP 2248 Born in 1982.
Overeem, Marc
Overeem, Marc
NED 2245f Born in 1962, Marc Overeem is from Amsterdam and has been a regular in Dutch tournaments for decades. He had a very good year in 2006,  top scoring in the second tier of the Dutch League and winning a sensational victory in a Corus ten-player qualifier and earning a place in the C-Group GM competition in 2007.  To the surprise of all, he declined the invitation.  Still, the fact that he is playing the Gibtelecom Masters in 2010 shows that this experienced player is still ambitious enough to take the plunge in a sea full of strong GMs.
Hartvig, Ove Weiss
Hartvig, Ove Weiss
DEN 2245f Born in 1963, Ove played at the 2007 Gibtelecom Masters and scored 4/9. He played again in 2009, making 5½/10. In his career his notable scalps include Curt Hansen and a very young Emanuel Berg. In early 2008 he travelled to the New Zealand Open Championship, where he started with a win against Brazilian IM Herman Van Riemsdijk and finished with a creditable 6/11.
Avalos Parra, Joao
CHI 2245f Born in 1981. Also playing in the two Challengers events.
Marchand, Francois
Marchand, Francois
FRA 2244f Born in 1971. Francois scored 4/9 at the 2002 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man Open. This will be his first Gibtelecom Masters.
Duhayon, Yves BEL 2241 Born in 1954.
Nadig, Kruttika
Kruttika Nadig
IND 2240wg Kruttika Nadig very kindly wrote her own biog for the website: "Born in 1988, I live in Pune, India and have been playing chess since 1995. I am the reigning Asian Zonal Champion and a candidate for the 2010 Women's World Championship. In 2009 I won the Indian Women's Championship by a full point ahead of runner-up IM Tania Sachdev and other WGMs. I have won a total of 11 medals in junior and sub-junior Asian and Commonwealth championships, including the gold medal in Commonwealth Under-20 in 2007 and silver medal in Asian Junior Girls 2008. I also won the Indian sub-junior and junior national championships in 2003 and 2004 respectively. I have played in Gibraltar in 2004, 2006 and 2008 and I won the junior prize in 2006. I achieved my WIM title in the Czech Republic in 2005. The WGM title came to me in the Sort and Balaguer open tournaments in Spain in 2008, along with two IM norms and performances above 2500. I recently represented India as a part of the women's team in the 2009 Women's World Team Championship in China."
Al-Tamimi, Hamad
QAT 2238 Born in 1984. Played for his country in the 2006 Olympiad. Played in the 2005 Gibtelecom Masters, scoring 5/10 and recording some excellent results (a win against Polish woman player Iweta Rajlich and draws versus GMs Postny and Del Rio Angelis). He is director of the Qatar Chess Federation.
Nuri, Kambez
Nuri, Kambez
SUI 2235 Born in 1992, 17-year-old Kambez is one of the most talented young Swiss chessplayers. He has participated at many international championships and achieved some great results with the most outstanding one being a performance of 2391 Elo at the European Youth Championship 2009 in Fermo, Italy, only a few months ago. In this tournament Kambez defeated a grandmaster for the first time. In Switzerland Kambez has won a few youth tournaments and titles and in the team competition he is playing for Winterthur and has just finished his first season in the NLA as youngest player of the league. Kambez attends a sport business school, which gives him enough time to train chess alongside studying. In the long term he would like to become a grandmaster. [Biog written by Roman Freuler, who also wrote his own biog - see further down the page]
Rioseco Pinochet, Fernan
CHI 2226 Born in 1977.
Lyell, Mark
Mark Lyell
ENG 2224f Born in 1961, Mark has been a regular competitor in British events for many years, with appearances in the British Championship, Hastings, etc. Mark is an uncompromising and entertaining player who is quite capable of putting a GM to the sword on a good day (Arkell and Gormally are on his list of victims). Mark played in Gibraltar in 2008.
Chapman, Terry
Terry Chapman
ENG 2221

Born in 1956, Terry has one unique claim to fame - the only amateur player ever to have defeated Garry Kasparov in a one-to-one. What's the catch, you ask? Well, it was a handicap game (Garry had two fewer pawns than his opponent) - but it was still a remarkable achievement for all that. It came in game three of a four-game charity handicap match in London which Kasparov won 2½-1½.
    Even apart from this match, Terry has had an excellent career to date, both in chess and in business. He won the British Under-14 Championship in 1970 and in 1968 his schoolmaster sent in one of his games which was published in "Chess" magazine when he was even younger than that. He won a number of other junior titles, including the London Junior Under-18 Championship, which would have indicated a likely trajectory of at least IM and possibly GM, but shortly after playing two Varsity matches for Cambridge University in 1976 and 1977 he gave up competition chess to concentrate on a business career. He was highly successful, heading up his own company, Terence Chapman Group plc, which sponsored the English Chess Federation's Grand Prix competition for a number of years as well as the charity match with Kasparov.
    In recent years Terry has returned to competition chess with some success, being a regular at Hastings, Coulsdon and other events including the 2007 British Championship where he scored an excellent 6½/11, beating IM Simon Knott in the last round. He plays for the Oxford and Cambridge club in London and has a current ECF grade of 193. In 2009 he played in a massively strong Staunton Memorial tournament (with people like Timman and Korchnoi in the line-up) where he was conceding 200+ rating points in every game and there was a very real danger of him finishing with zero. He averted this by beating IM Lawrence Trent.

Lacrosse, Marc BEL 2220f Born in 1958.
Arvola, Benjamin
Arvola, Benjamin
NOR 2218 Born in 1993. In 2008 Benjamin scored 4½/10 in the Masters and 3/5 in both the Challengers events. He is playing in the same events this year.
Kandic, Milan
Milan Kandic
SRB 2216 Born in 1971. Played in the 2008 Gibtelecom Festival, scoring 5/10 in the Masters, 2½/3 in Challengers 1 (arriving late) and 1½/5 in Challengers 2. In 2009 he scored 4/10 in the Masters, and 4½ and 3 in the two Challengers events.
Tjolsen, Katrine
Tjolsen, Katrine
NOR 2212wf Born in 1993, Katrine plays for Bergen Chess Club. In 2007 Katrine won the Norwegian U16 (including girls AND boys) Championship at the age of 14. She was on board four for Norway's women's team at the 2008 Dresden Olympiad, scoring 6/9. She has made three WIM norms and could have the title by the time of the 2010 Gibtelecom Masters.

Tscharotschkin, Michael
Tscharotschkin, Michael
GER 2211 Born in 1964, Michael (or Mischa) will be taking part in the Gibtelecom Festival for the fifth time in 2010. He scored 5/10 in the Masters in 2006, 4½/9 in 2007 5/10 in 2008, and 4½/10 in 2009 - very consistent! His best result was probably getting a draw with a 15-year-old Italian boy in 2007... Fabiano Caruana, now a GM and rated 2640. Mischa runs a very good international chess calendar - check it out - http://www.chess-calendar.com/
Tate, Alan
Alan Tate
SCO 2211 Alan played in the strong 2005 Scottish Championship and found the going quite tough. But he is an improving player and did well to score 4/9 in the hugely strong 2007 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man International, and he did it the hard way. He started with 2/2 (including a win versus German IM Thomas Casper). Later in the tournament he beat a second IM, Anna Zozulia. Both IMs were victims of direct assaults on the king - you have been warned. He is a member of the Edinburgh-based Wandering Dragons club. 2007 was a good year all round for him as he started it by winning the Championship section at the Lothians Congress and later in the same month won a game against GM Colin McNab at Perth.
Pavon Cardenas, Jesus M
ESP 2210 Born in 1988.
Henriksson, Johan
Henriksson, Johan
SWE 2204 Born in 1976, national rating 2325.
Weeramantry, Sunil

SRI 2201f Born in 1951, Sunil has been to Gibraltar before. He worked behind the scenes at Gibraltar, in 2008. He has been a professional chess coach for 30 years and his star pupil is his stepson, Hikaru Nakamura. He used to live in the UK in the early 1970s and played a lot of chess there.
Bakker, Sven
Bakker, Sven
NED 2198 Born in 1978, Sven played in Gib in 2006, scoring 5/10. Has been rated in excess of 2300 in 2005/6 so must presumably be eligible for the FIDE Master title. Travelled all the way to New Zealand in January 2009 to take part in the Queenstown Classic, scoring 6/9.
Ivanov, Stojan Emilov
BUL 2198 Born in 1978.
Urbina Perez, Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio Urbina Perez
ESP 2197 Born in 1978. Played in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Gibtelecom Festivals.
Byron, Alan M
Alan Byron
ENG 2196 Born in 1963, Alan is from Leicester and, back in the early 1980s, was one of the best young players in the country. In 1981 he was invited to take on the 70-year-old former world champion Mikhail Botvinnik in a prestigious junior simul. But Alan decided not to go in for the glamorous and glitzy lifestyle of a professional chessplayer (!) and opted for a real job. Then, a few years ago, Alan returned to the chessboard after something like a quarter of century and started playing a few tournaments. In 2007 he even travelled as far afield as Bulgaria where he proved he hadn't lost his touch by drawing a game with Bulgarian GM Krum Georgiev. In 2008 he played in the Gibtelecom Festival, though he arrived a few rounds late, scoring 3/7 in the Masters. In 2009 he played the first half of the Masters to score 2/5 and also Challengers 1, in which he scored 4/5.
Kawuma, Steven Male
Kawuma, Steven Male
UGA 2187f Born in 1981. Steven has represented Uganda at several Olympiads over the last couple of years and is quite active in England where he lives. His employer ICS Cool Energy have sponsored his entire trip to Gibraltar.
Jaime Montalvan, Luis Felipe
Luis Felipe Jaime Montalvan
ESP 2183f Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1967, and has lived in Malaga, Spain since 1996. Has been playing non-professional chess for the last 25 years. He usually plays in the Andalucian Superior Teams League with the Miraflores-Malaga Team and has taken part in many International open tournaments including the Gibtelecom Masters of 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, and three Spanish Open Championships. FIDE Master since 2002. Doctor of Medicine, anaesthesiologist and pain clinician in Gibraltar.
Ashby, Anthony C
Ashby, Anthony C
ENG 2178c Born in 1947, and with an ECF grade of 183, Tony has been a keen competition player in the London area for as long as I can remember (i.e. at least four decades). He plays for two teams in London, Battersea Chess Club (founded in 1885) and the Home Office and Justice Club in the Civil Service League. He has previously won the (British) national civil service championships three times, and the civil service blitz championship also three times. Strangely enough, the one congress he had never attended was the British Championships but he put that right in August 2009 when he played at Torquay and became the joint British Senior Champion for 2009. Tony represented England in the European Senior Team Championships in Dresden in 2008 and scored 6½/11 in the 2008 World Senior Championship in Germany.. This will be Tony's second time at Gibraltar; he scored 3½/9 in the 2007 Masters.
Lasinskas, Povilas LTU 2174 Born in 1970.
Bindrich, Oswald GER 2173 Born in 1951, Oswald is the father of the young (born 1990) German grandmaster Falko Bindrich who is also playing in Gibraltar.
Byrn, Carsten DEN 2171 Born in 1943, Carsten lives in Marbella, Spain, which is of course not far from Gibraltar.
Kvisla, Johannes Luangtep
Johannes Luangtep Kvisla
NOR 2161 Another young Norwegian born in 1990 (a very fruitful year for chessplayers in that part of the world). Played at the 2007 Gibtelecom tournament, scoring 2½/5 in Challengers 1, 3½/5 in Challengers2, and 4/9 in the Masters. In the Arctic Chess Challenge at Tromso in August 2007, he beat GM Nick de Firmian with a checkmating attack. He had a particularly good 2008 Gibtelecom Festival, scoring 5/5 to win Challengers 1 and 4/5 to finish 2nd= in Challengers 2. He also scored 5/10 in the 2008 Masters. In 2009 he scored 5/10; in the two Challengers he scored 3/5 and then 4½/5 to tie with Getz, beating a Russian IM in the fourth round.
Gandrud, Vegar Koi
Vegar Koi Gandrud
NOR 2158 Born in 1991. Played at the 2008 Gibtelecom Festival, scoring 3/10 in the Masters, 2/5 in Challengers 1 and 1½/5 in Challengers 2. In 2009 he scored 5½/10 in the Masters and 3 and 2½ in the two Challengers tournaments.
Valgmae, Toomas EST 2154 Has an Estonian national rating of 2231. According to the FIDE website, his first FIDE rating in January 2010 is likely to be 2154, following his performance in the Corsica Masters in October 2009.
Arnott, Jonathan
Jonathan Arnott
ENG 2154 Born in 1981, Jonathan Arnott has an ECF grade of 190 and is a member of the Sheffield University club.. He captained the Yorkshire county side from 2002-2004 and has played for White Rose in the 4NCL. He coaches at the local junior club, SASCA. He played in Gibraltar in 2008 and 2009.
Nilsen, Joachim Birger
Nilsen, Joachim Birger
NOR 2152 Born in 1993. Played in the 2009/10 Hastings Masters (which is how I come to have his photo).
Groffen, Hans
Groffen, Hans
NED 2150 Born in 1959. Hans played in the 2006 Gibtelecom Masters, scoring 4½/10 (including a draw with Serbian GM Milos Pavlovic). He has also played three times in the Isle of Man (including a draw with GM Petr Kiriakov), once at Hastings and also in the 2008 EU Championship in Liverpool. He is one of the organisers of the Hogeschool Zeeland tournaments held annually in Vlissingen.
Weber, Francois ESP 2149 Born in 1955. Entry form says "Netherlands" - hope I've got this right.
Molina, Antonio
Antonio Molina
PHI 2148f Born in 1955, Antonio scored 4½/10 in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters, 1½/5 in Challengers 1 and 3½/5 in Challengers 2.
Goodger, Martyn
Martyn Goodger
ENG 2147 Born in 1963, Martyn comes from Ely and plays a lot of his chess in Suffolk. He played in every Monarch Assurance tournament from 1999 to the last one in 2007 (except for one). His best was probably 2001 when he started with 2/2, beating Ketevan Arakhamia, and progressed to 4/6. He scored 4½/10 at the 2006 Gibtelecom Masters. Martyn had an excellent performance at the 2007/8 Hastings tournament, scoring 5½/10 against opposition averaging 2302. In 2008 he scored 4/10 in the Gibtelecom Masters.
Lipecki, Alexander
Lipecki, Alexander
SUI 2146 Born in 1973, Alexander holds the title of FIDE Arbiter.
Almond, Richard J
Richard J Almond
ENG 2145 Born in 1967, Richard is a member of the Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club and a frequent competitor in tournaments in both Britain and Europe. Richard produced an eye-catching performance in the 2006 European Individual Championship when he beat two IMs and had Belgian GM Winants at his mercy when he agreed a draw. His first six games brought him a TPR of 2415 - not bad for a club player.
Daoudi, Kamal
Kamal Daoudi
MAR 2142 This will be Kamal's third visit to Gibraltar. In 2007 he arrived late for the Masters and scored 4/5. In that year he also scored 4½/5 to finish second in the Challengers 2 competition. In 2009 he made 3½/9 in the Masters, and 2½/5 and 1/4 in the two Challengers events.
Thingstad, Even NOR 2141 Born in 1993.
Aerni, Andi
Aerni, Andi
SUI 2137 Played in the 2009 Gibtelecom Masters, scoring 4½/10.
Popa-Matei, Viorel-Ovidiu
ROU 2137 Born in 1958.
Osuna Vega, Enrique
Enrique Osuna Vega
ESP 2136c Enrique likes the Gibtelecom Festival. Last year, he told us, on behalf of himself and his amigo Carlos Alberto Viñas Guerrero..."Ambos hemos jugado ¡todos los Masters!. Este será nuestro 7º torneo." Y muy bienvenidos, digo yo. Born in 1966, Enrique has competed at all the Gibtelecom Festivals. He lives in La Línea and plays for CA Algeciras in the Spanish Club Championship.
Andersson, Lars
SWE 2132 Born in 1966.
De Andres Gonalons, Fernando ESP 2124 Born in 1947. Scored 4/10 in the 2005 Gibtelecom Masters.
Viñas Guerrero, Carlos
Carlos Viñas Guerrero
ESP 2120 Born in 1975. Has played in all the Gibtelecom Festivals. Plays for CA Algeciras in the Spanish Club Championship.
Tozer, Philip
Tozer, Philip
ENG 2119 Born in 1973, Philip is the younger brother of the English IM Richard Tozer.
Collier, David O
Collier, David O
ENG 2118 Born in 1949, David has been a keen competition player for several decades and comes from Bristol. He has played all over - Isle of Man, Paignton, Guernsey, Jersey, South Wales. This is his second visit to Gibraltar: he scored 5/10 in 2009, starting with 2/2 before meeting 2723-rated Vugar Gashimov. Notable victims while he's been playing for Bristol in the 4NCL in recent years include Malcolm Pein, Harriet Hunt, Andrew Law and Rawle Allicock.
Doubleday, William G CAN 2115 Has a national rating of 2202 in Canada.
Fox, Anthony

IRL 2113 Born in 1960, Anthony is a keen competitor in big open competitions, rarely missing from the lists at the Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournament and also travelling to London and Liverpool for other major competitions, plus Southend, Bunratty and elsewhere. He scored 4/10 in the 2006 Gibtelecom Masters and also in the 2009 tournament. His best scalp is probably that of Dutch GM Harmen Jonkman at the 2004 Monarch Assurance tournament. He will be particularly popular with game keyers as his handwriting is immaculate.
Fokin, Sergey RUS 2109 Born in 1955.
Hagen, Anders Gjerdrum
Anders Gjerdrum Hagen
NOR 2108 Born 1990. Played at the 2008 Gibtelecom Festival, scoring 4½/10 in the Masters, 3/5 in Challengers 1 and 2½/5 in Challengers 2. In 2009 scored 5/10 in the Masters, and 3/5 and 2/4 in the Challengers events.
Flermoen, Peter
Flermoen, Peter
NOR 2108 Born in 1996 - that's a pretty good FIDE rating for a 13-year-old.
DeMac, Elias
Elias DeMac
NOR 2104 Born in 1992, Elias is one of the large Norwegian party. He also came in 2009. He made a breakthrough in 2008 when he finished second in the Norwegian Junior Championship behind his school mate Espen Forsaa.
Ogada-Osir, Ibrahim

AUS 2104 Born in 1981. Also played in 2009.
Allor, Chuwuka NGR 2100
Havik, Victor
Havik, Victor
NOR 2093 Born in 1978. Scored 4½/10 in the 2008 Masters, and 3/5 in Challengers 2 that year.
Lumsdon, Andrew
Lumsdon, Andrew
SUI 2090 Born in 1967, Andrew scored 3½/10 in the 2009 Gibtelecom Masters.
Freuler, Roman
Freuler, Roman
SUI 2082 Born in 1975 in Winterthur, Switzerland, Roman is playing at the Gibtelecom Festival for the first time. He is chairman of one of the most traditional chess clubs in Switzerland, SG Winterthur, which was founded as early as in 1846. At the same time the club is the biggest in Switzerland in terms of members and competes in the Swiss national team competition with an impressive ten teams represented in all leagues. Roman has been playing competitive chess in a few European countries like Romania, Russia, Hungary, Italy and Germany. His best results are wins against IM Huss, IM Illijin and FM Spulber.
Compton, Alistair
Alistair Compton
NZL 2066 Born in 1969, Alistair has long been resident in the UK where he plays for the King's Head club in London. He played in the Gibtelecom Masters and Challengers tournaments in 2007 and beat Subbaraman Meenakshi along the way. Scored 5/10 in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters and 3/5 in Challengers 1. In 2009 he scored 4½/10 in the Masters.
Ortega Valle, Jose Ramon
ESP 2054 Born in 1974.
Brown, Thomas
Thomas Brown
WLS 2064 Born in 1976. Thomas has a Welsh rating of 2054. In 2009 he scored 4½/10 in the Masters and 3½/5 in Challengers 2.
Jameson, David
Jameson, David
WLS 2053 Played in Gibraltar (Masters and Challengers) in 2007 and 2008, and has also appeared in the Welsh Championship and the Liverpool Open.
Flores Chico, Jorge
Jorge Flores Chico
ESP 2052 Born in 1975. Played in the 2005, 2008 and 2009 Gibtelecom Festivals.
Haraldsson, Leif
SWE 2050 Born in 1966.
Barve, Saurabh
Barve, Saurabh
IND 2046 Born in 1985, Saurabh Barve (Engineer-I.T., M.B.A.-Marketing) is from Mumbai. He has been playing competitive chess since 1993 and has represented India abroad, won National level tournaments, represented Mumbai University at National level and excelled in various international tournaments. He loves attacking his opponent’s king and has defeated GMs (Hrair Simonian of Armenia, RR Laxman of India, etc) and some IMs. He has been actively involved in the promotion of chess and is the president of Chess Promoters of Mumbai (CPM), an association formed to organize technically sound, professional chess tournaments. CPM regularly organizes tournaments in Mumbai at a rate of about two tournaments a month! He is also the President of the Bobby Fischer Chess Academy (BFCA) and Mir Sultan Khan Chess Club (SKCC), formed to improve chess literacy and awareness and create a passion for the game.
Cafolla, Peter
Peter Cafolla
IRL 2042 Born in 1957, Peter has been a regular at the Monarch Assurance Isle of Man International, played in a couple of European Union Championships, also the Irish Championship and the Bunratty Masters. This will be his third Gibtelecom Masters. In 2006 he scored 4½/10 in the Masters and 3/5 for a share of 4th place in the second week Challengers.Scored 4/10 in the Masters and 2½/5 in Challengers 2 in 2009.
Haug, Marianne Wold
Marianne Wold Haug
NOR 2041 Born in 1992, Marianne is a member of the Oslo chess club Schakklubben av 1911. In 2009 she scored 3½/10 in the Masters and 2½ in each of the Challengers events. She played on board one for the Norwegian Women's team in the 2009 European Team Championship.
Hamer, Martyn
Hamer, Martyn
ENG 2039 Born in 1979, Martyn is graded 166 and is a member of Great Harwood Chess Club, having previously played for Warwick University. 2010 will be Martyn's sixth successive Gibtelecom Festival; he usually enters both the Masters and the Challengers and he has already chalked up a staggering 98 games here (only one player has played more - Odin Blikra Vea of Norway has played 106 games). Martyn plays games other than chess in the Mind Sports Olympiad and was runner-up in the poker tournament played during the 2006 Gibtelecom Chess Festival.
Bryn, Askild
Askild Bryn
NOR 2036 Born in 1987. This is a photo of Askild Bryn I took it at the Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournament of 2003 (when Simen Agdestein became the 'Manx Monarch' and even attempted to claim sovereignty over the Isle of Man in his victor's speech!). Askild has played in four previous Gibtelecom Festivals, making 3½/10 in the Masters in 2004, 4/10 in 2005, 3/5 and 4/5 in the 2006 Challengers tournaments, 2/4 and 2½/5 in the 2008 Challengers tournaments, and 4½/10 in the 2008 Masters. Also played in 2009.
Spanton, Tim
Tim Spanton
ENG 2035 Born in 1957, Tim is one of the keenest English amateur players on the circuit and you may have seen him play in the Isle of Man, Hastings, Paignton, Guernsey and plenty of other places, but this will be his second visit to Gibraltar. In 2009 he made a great start, beating IM Tamas Erdelyi in the first round on his way to 4/10. He holds one chess record which can never be broken - he is the one and only player to have competed in all 16 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournaments. His day job is working as a journalist on The Sun newspaper - but we don't hold that against him! He certainly has a sunny outlook on life.
Lochte, Szilvia
HUN 2032 Born in 1974. Szilvia has played most of her chess in Germany in the 1990s.
Pettersen, Joar Gullestad
Joar Gullestad Pettersen
NOR 2020 Born in 1984. This will be his fourth Gibtelecom Festival. In 2007 he scored 2½/9 in the Masters, 2½/5 in Challengers 1 and 2/5 in Challengers 2. In 2008 he scored 4/10 in the Masters, 2/5 in Challengers 1 and 2½/5 (including a full point bye) in Challengers 2. In 2009 he scored 3/9 in the Masters, and 2 and 2½ respectively in the two Challengers events.
Hawkins, Nick
Nick Hawkins
ENG 2019 Born in 1956. Nick (his unused first name is James) has a BCF grade of 169. Playing captain of Mindsports in Division 3 of the 4NCL. Got hooked on chess around the age of 11 -15. Nick did the BCF coaching course in the early 1990s and was the Marketing Director of the then BCF for three years from 2000-2003. He described it as ‘an honour and a pleasure to promote one of my true passions in life’. He has a great interest in chess history, but still loves to play. By profession he is an academic in the Faculty of Business and Law at Liverpool John Moores University and a Trustee of a large not-for-profit organisation called Community Integrated Care in Widnes. Like many of us he was inspired by the events in Reykjavik in 1972. His mother even called their big tom cat Spassky.
Seitz, Benjamin SUI 2017
Mortensen, Henrik
Mortensen, Henrik
DEN 2015 Born in 1963, Henrik Mortensen works as a teacher of geography, history and biology in a Danish primary school. He has a weekly chess column in the daily newspaper Horsens Folkeblad and writes for the Danish chess magazine Skakbladet. He has written two chess books in danish, Skak er sjovt (CHESS IS FUN, 2006) and Mere sjov i skak (MORE FUN IN CHESS, 2007). He has made several trips to Australia to play chess. He played in in Andorra in 2001 and at the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters where he scored 4/10.
Odeh, Kenneth NGR 2012 Born in 1969.
McBeth, Michael J SCO 2011 Michael's ECF grade is 183 and his club is Kings (of Newcastle). Scored 4½/9 in the 2008 Scottish Championship.
Stanek, Stanislav
Stanek, Stanislav
CZE 2007 Born in 1964, member of the Podhradni Lhota chess club (Moravia) but he plays mostly in Brno (Czech Republic).
Campbell, Ian
Campbell, Ian
ENG 2002 Born in 1949, Ian has an ECF grade of 170. He played in the 2006 Gibtelecom Challengers and in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Gibtelecom Masters. He is from Liverpool - an ECF Arbiter - and an enthusiastic amateur who nowadays combines chess with a holiday. He plays for Aigburth and also for Widnes in the Warrington League. On the Atticus Chess Club Forum he writes "anonymously" under the name HermitCrab.
Perez Reisler, Jose

PUR 2001 From Puerto Rico. George Perez, Jose's brother, sent this short biographical note: "Born in 1980 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, he resided in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, until he was 18 and left for college. At age 16, he began playing chess competitively and at the tender age of 17 won 3rd place at the national high school tournament of private and public schools in Puerto Rico.  Played on various of the UMBC Pan-American chess teams.  Returned to play chess in 2008 after a six-year hiatus. Is a member and plays for the San Sebastian Chess Club team. Is touring Europe to play chess for the first time.  Will make stops at Seville, Gibraltar, and Cappelle la Grande." Thanks, George. When googling, I found a photo of Jose at the 2009 Bayamon Open where he fell asleep at the board and lost almost an hour of his thinking time.
Lombart, Phillippe BEL 1996 Born in 1954.
Marder, Simon SWE 1993 Born in 1968.
Horrocks, Stephen J
ENG 1992 Not FIDE rated. Stephen's last ECF grade was 174 in 2006, hence the notional rating of 1992. Steve is from Great Harwood in Lancashire and is a member of the Heywood club.
Zanetti, Bruno
SUI 1978 Born in 1972. Bruno played in the 2009 Gibtelecom Masters, scoring 3/10.
Carame Gonzalez, Francisco ESP 1977 Born in 1980. Played in the Masters tournaments of 2004-2007 and again in 2009.
Hughes, Roy
ENG 1976 Born in 1959, Roy's ECF grade is 174 and he is a member of the Broadland club in Norfolk. He played in the 2006 British Championship in Swansea and scored 3½/11. In 2008 he scored 4½/10 in the Gibtelecom Masters.
Mikalsen, Erlend NOR 1973 Born in 1993.
Helin, Mikael
Helin, Mikael
SWE 1972 Born in 1962. Has played in four Gibtelecom Festivals from 2006 to 2009. Scored 4/10, 3/9, 4/9 and 4/10 in successive Masters events (having missed a few games at the start and finish of tournaments).
Young, Mel
Young, Mel
ENG 1971 Born in 1948, Mel has been playing club chess in London and (latterly) the Hastings area for more years than either he or I would care to mention. Mel and I were club mates at Mitcham for a couple of decades, so I could tell you quite a lot about him... hospital administrator, antiques dealer, cabbie... he was once interviewed for a job by C.H.O'D. Alexander... if you want to know any more, you'll have to buy me a pint at the Caleta bar. Or, perhaps buy him a pint at the Caleta bar.
Green, Per SWE 1970 Born in 1947.
Andersen, Niels Erik
Andersen, Niels Erik
DEN 1965 Born in 1958, Niels Erik was appointed an International Arbiter in 2003.
Webster Richard J
Webster Richard J
ENG 1961 Born in 1968. ECF grade 168. Richard is a member of the Ashfield club in Nottinghamshire, represents his county side in the 4NCL and has an ECF grade of 157. He is a frequent competitor at congresses around Britain, including Hastings, Paignton, Isle of Man, Southend and the Major Open. Scored 3½/10 in the 2008 Gibtelecom Masters and 4/10 in 2009.
Jacobsen, Fredrik Beer
NOR 1952 Born in 1995.
Boesch, Heinz GER 1948 Born in 1955. My thanks to Heinz for clearing up my confusion over his name.
Mancini, Giustino

ITA 1946 Born in 1957. Scored 3/5 in the 2008 Challengers 1 tournament. He is 'just64' on ICC: he speaks Russian, English and French and understands Spanish.
Skage, Oystein Aagedal
Oystein Skage
NOR 1935 Born 1991. Oystein is a member of Bergen Chess Club and his clubmate.
De Lillo, Michele
Michele De Lillo
ITA 1934 Born in 1960. Michele scored 3½/10 in the 2009 Gibtelecom Masters.
Tari, Aryan
Tari, Aryan
NOR 1932 Born in 1999, Aryan is making his second Gibtelecom Masters appearance, having played in 2008 when he was only eight. He played in the 2009/10 Hastings Premier. With such a high rating at the age of ten, he could well be hot on the heels of his countryman, Magnus Carlsen.
Malia Ramirez, Jose ESP 1925 Born in 1967.
Winkler, Stefan GER 1916 Born in 1958.
Grant, David SCO 1913 Born in 1987, this will be David's first Gibtelecom Festival. He comes from Aberdeen but plays for Stonehaven Chess Club and will be competing in both the Masters and the Challengers competitions.This isn't the same David Grant who scored a very good result at the Hastings Masters tournament.
Frey, Matthias
SUI 1907
Johnson, Paul A
Johnson, Paul A
ENG 1904 Born in 1959 and ECF-graded 150, Paul is a member of the York Railway Institute club. He played in at least two Monarch Assurance tournaments in the Isle of Man, which is how I come to have a photo of him.
Sommerhalder, Eric SUI 1899
Pereira, Johnharry
Pereira, Johnharry
SIN 1892 Born in 1970.
Steinskog, Asbjorn Ottesen
NOR 1884 Born in 1992.
Lundback, Karl SWE 1874 The rating given is a Swedish national one.
Bishop, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Bishop
ENG 1851 Born in 1948, Geoffrey plays his chess for Chislehurst CC. In 2008 he scored a modest 1½/5 in Amateur 1 but came storming back to take the £1,000 first prize in Amateur 2 with 5/5. In 2009 he scored 3, 3 and 3 (in the Masters, Amateur 1 and Amateur 2). His current ECF grade is 145.
Chidi, Lovinia Sylvia
Lovinia Sylvia Chidi
GER 1832 Born in 1971, Lovinia played in the 2009 Masters, scoring 2½/10, and also in the two Amateur events, scoring 2½/5 and 3/5. In December she took part in the London Festival Open at Olympia, scoring 3/9.
Lee, Kai Jie Edward SIN 1827 Born in 1998. Singapore national rating of 1555.
Yarur Elsaca, Daniel
Yarur Elsaca, Daniel
CHI 1815 Born in 1955, Daniel is president of the Chilean Chess Foundation. He has played in every Gibtelecom Festival since 2006. In 2009 he brought a friend along with him - Boris Spassky!
Rough, Robert E
Robert E Rough
SCO 1811 Robert was born in 1949 and tells me that he is celebrating his 60th birthday by entering the Masters and both Challengers events in 2010. Robert has always previously played in the second week of the Amateur tournaments. In 2007 he shared 2nd= place, in 2008 he scored 2/5 and in 2009 he scored 3/5.  Back home in Inverness, Robert has a national rating of 1630 (Sept 2009). Last year Robert's Gibraltar chess experience didn't end with the last round - I took a snap of him still glued to the board, playing a game with Paul Haddock in the departure lounge of Gibraltar Airport!
Gonzalez Amaya, Millan
ESP 1805 Born in 1971. Has played in all the Gibtelecom Festivals except 2004.
Fox, Pierre
Fox, Pierre
BEL 1788 Born in 1959. At the Monarch Assurance in 2005, he scored 3½/9. A curiosity on that occasion was that his only two wins were against another Fox (Anthony) and a Martin (Katie). I imagine, like all of us, he also likes the taste of Rabbit. Except for me , I've given up the game (because I'm Chicken).
Sigamoney, Ciryl USA 1783 USCF rating.
Mathon, Dimitrij CZE 1780 Born in 1927, Dimitrij is a member of SK Přerov chess club in Moravia, Czech Republic,. He played in the Christmas Afternoon A tournament at Hastings in 2007 and he took part in the Hastings Weekend Open in January 2009. He has one remarkable claim to fame: he played world champion Alexander Alekhine in a simultaneous display in 1943. I wonder how many living people there are who can say the same. He is the Czech Over-80 Champion.
Prieto Velasco, Rafael ESP 1767 Born in 1975.
Valhondo Morales, Ruben
ESP 1762 Born in 1995. Scored 3/10 in the 2009 Masters.
Kuenitz, Klaus
Kuenitz, Klaus
GER 1755 Klaus was born in 1944 and has played in every Gibtelecom festival since 2005, taking part in the Masters, Challengers and Amateur. He won the 2nd week Amateur event in 2007.
Indrebo, Kyrre NOR 1730 Born in 1978. The rating is, I think, a national one.
Agdestein, Sjur NOR 1729 Born in 1956. The rating given is a Norwegian national rating.
Hirneise, Lothar GER 1707 Born in 1961. Accompanying Tobias Hirneise (2421m) at the tournament, whom I assume is his son.
Homer, Neil S
Homer, Neil S
ENG 1704 Born in 1964. ECF grade of 138. From Northamptonshire. Scored 2½/5 in Amateur 2 in 2009.
Gates, David
Gates, David
ENG 1702 Born in 1962. In 2009 David scored 2½/5 in Amateur 1.
Hegelund, Ole Jakob NOR 1702 Born in 1993. Norwegian national rating 1467.
Hansen, Erle Andrea Marki
Hansen, Erle Andrea Marki
NOR 1699 Born in 1996, Erle is at present Norwegian and Nordic Champion for girls under 14.
Rodriguez Fenoy, Inmaculada
ESP 1688 Born in 1983.
Kympergr, Vojtech CZE 1599 Born in 1932, Vojtěch Kympergr is a member of Spartak Přerov Chess Club, in Moravia, Czech Republic. He took part in Morning and Afternoon Tournaments in Hastings in 2007, scoring 5/10. He was also played in the Hastings Weekend Open in January 2009 and scored 1½/5.
Reci, Nadja
Reci, Nadja
SUI 1544 That is a Swiss national rating. Nadja is a member of the SG Riehen club.
Carlsen, Ingrid
Carlsen, Ingrid
NOR 1508 Born in 1994, Ingrid gets teased by her elder brother and, like many another younger sibling, yearns to get her revenge by beating him at chess. But that could be quite difficult for Ingrid to achieve because, in order to do so, she will probably have to become the greatest woman chessplayer in history. Yes, big brother is that Carlsen... Ingrid follows in the footsteps of her (and Magnus's) elder sister Ellen by playing at the Gibtelecom Festival.
Dunlop, Anthony SCO (1408)
Agdestein, Fredrick NOR 1306 Born in 1994. The rating given is a Norwegian national rating.
Jacobsen, Caroline Beer
NOR 1300 Born in 1997.
Cramling-Bellón, Ana
Ana Cramling-Bellón
ESP/SWE 1000 Ana (born in 2002) boasts not one but two GMs for parents! She can also say that she has been to every Gibtelecom Festival - one for every calendar year of her life so far. Her first move in international chess was greeted by a scrum of photographers eager to record it for posterity. And Ana will come to the next Gibtelecom Festival as a champion, having won the 2009 Andalucian Girls Under-8 Championship. She must be one of the youngest players ever to appear on the FIDE Rating website (although she doesn't have an international rating yet).
Flynn, James IRL - Born in 1992.
Agdestein, Victoria NOR - Born in 1997.
Grodas, Ole Jakob NOR - Born in 1995.
Grodas, Margrethe Bjerkem
NOR - Born in 1996.
Haukanes, Alisa NOR -
Haukanes, Far NOR -
Abdurhman, Omar
SOM -  
Mamane, Khalil
MAR -  
Shabarinath, Iyer
IND - Unrated.

Note: this page features only those Masters entrants with ratings below 2350. For players rated above that level, click here.


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