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Free bus travel for Tradewise participants



Chess players coming to the 2016 Tradewise Festival can enjoy free bus travel around the Rock, courtesy of the Gibraltar Bus Company Ltd, and Calypso Transport Ltd.


The former operate seven services around the Rock, while the latter run a link between the city centre and the frontier and airport. This generous offer of hospitality is a popular move, and the organisers of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival extend their thanks to both Companies on behalf of all participants.

Minister for Tourism visit


Gibraltar’s Minister for Tourism Samantha Sacramento visited the  Festival today and was shown around by Tournament Director Stuart Conquest.


Ms Sacramento showed great interest in the matches and the tournament. She has already been involved in more light-hearted parts to the festival and might be helping out in one of the teams during the Battle of the Sexes on Saturday.


Large collection of photos of her visit.


The Day's Play - Episode 5


Follow the action from the most exciting open chess tournament in the world.

Episode 5 features a chat with Tania and Harika Dronavalli, coverage of the Blitz Team event and the visit by Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo.


The Day's Play - All Videos


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Out and About


Our official photographer Sophie Triay has been over every part of the Caleta and surrounding area including the bars and lounges with her professional looking kit.


Her work reveals an instinctive skill to capture special moments that take place naturally when everyone is have so much fun.


You may have noticed Sophie floating around and if she hasn't 'got you' yet, your turn will surely come!


See many more examples in her 'Out and About' gallery.


Round 2 Report - Indian Takeaway

John Saunders reports: With many pairings still involving a wide disparity in ratings, most of the round two games of the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters resulted in favour of the higher ranked players, but there were still a number of surprises.



The top two ranked players, Hikaru Nakamura of USA and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France both won comfortably and are among the 42 players (out of 254) who are on the maximum score. Hikaru's opponent, Hungarian GM Tamas Fodor jnr had the white side of a Nimzo-Indian but played a surprisingly dubious line, allowing the American to box in his kingside pieces and cruise to an easy win.


Valentina Gunina defended stoutly against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave but MVL unleashed a powerful combination to finish the game. When he plays like this, MVL seems to be challenging Mikhail Tal.


Report in full | Photos from round 2 | Replay Rd2 Games |

Masters Round 3 summary by John Saunders

Round three proved very successful for the women players in the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters line-up as three of them defeated much higher rated grandmasters to join eight other male players on the maximum score of 3/3.



Anna Muzychuk of Ukraine beat 2700-rated Laurent Fressinet, Harika Dronavalli (pictured left) of India became the first player to defeat Nigel Short with Black in Gibraltar, while 17-year-old Aleksandra Goryachkina from Russia defeated Eduardo Iturrizaga. By scoring these three wins, the women players did as well as the top ten rated players in the line-up, who also have just three names amongst those on 3/3: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, who beat the Norwegian IM Aryan Tari, Dmitri Jakovenko, who beat Alexandra Kosteniuk, and Richard Rapport, who beat Mohammed Al-Sayed.



The other five players on 3/3 are Etienne Bacrot of France, Markus Ragger of Austria, SP Sethuraman of India, Luka Lenic of Slovenia, and 16-year-old Indian GM Aravindh Chithambaram, who has been tipped as the 'next Anand'.


Top seed Hikaru Nakamura was held to a draw by Russian GM Grigoriy Oparin and cannot now replicate his remarkable 6/6 streak of 2015. Vishy Anand joins him on 2½/3 after winning another smooth game, as do the fourth and sixth seeds, Pentala Harikrishna and Yu Yangyi, who both won, and also women's world champion Mariya Muzychuk.

'Gibraltar opens its doors to the people of chess’ - Fabian Picardo


Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo has said that “Gibraltar opens its doors to the people of chess”. Visiting the Tradewise Gibraltar International Chess Festival today he spoke of the Rock of Gibraltar being the home of chess in January and February every year.


In an interview streamed live on the Tradewise Festival website with International Master Tania Sachdev the Chief Minister said Gibraltar was being inspired by the number of people who participate in the tournament year on year.


Photos of the visit | Press Release from Alice Mascarenhas




The Day's Play - Episode 4


Follow the action from the most exciting open chess tournament in the world.

Episode 4 features Nigel Short, Vachier-Lagrave, David Howell, a visit to the town Centre, and Stuart Conquest chats to the new Gibraltar Governor Ed Davis.


The Day's Play - All Videos


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Masters Round 2 Summary


John Saunders reports: After two rounds of the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters, 42 players are on 2/2, including the top two seeds Hikaru Nakamura and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. The leading Indian players are finding things harder, with Pentala Harikrishna being held to a draw by Natalia Zhukova of Ukraine after Anand and Ganguly had drawn in the first round.


But Anand and Ganguly made no mistakes in round two, swapping opponents and winning very quickly against Matthias Bach and Szidonia Vajda respectively. The biggest surprise of the day was 25-year-old Swedish GM Erik Blomqvist beating 2751-rated Li Chao of China, while women's world championship runner-up Natalia Pogonina (pictured left) also did very well to beat Arkady Naiditsch of Azerbaijan.


Masterclass 1 - Wed 27 Jan


David Howell talks about his first two games at this year's Masters followed by World Champion Mariya Muzychuck who talks about her round two game. Hosted by Tournament Director Stuart Conquest.


Watch the entire show recorded LIVE in the unique, webcasting suite at the Caleta Hotel.


All Masterclasses from 2016 can be viewed again here.


Round 1 Report - David and Goliath

John Saunders reports: Let's cut to the chase: the sensation of the first round was Vishy Anand conceding a draw to IM Szidonia Vajda of Hungary, with a rating 435 inferior to that of the legendary Indian.



This was Vishy's Gibraltar debut and, as with Magnus Carlsen's recent appearance in the Qatar Masters, his (usually) irresistible force failed to overcome an immoveable (female) object in the first round. Massive credit to Szidonia, who was also making her debut in Gibraltar, for putting up such determined resistance. Vishy make take heart from Magnus's subsequent performance in Qatar, finishing as winner of the tournament.


Plenty of players have recovered from a minor blip in the early rounds of a Swiss to go on and win the tournament.


Report in full | Photos from round 1 |

The Day's Play - Episode 3


Follow the action from the most exciting open chess tournament in the world.

In episode 3 Tania talks to Szidonia Lazarne Vajda  after her historic draw with Vishy Anand, Maxime Vachier Lagrave and the remarkable Muzychuck sisters.


The Day's Play - All Videos


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Masters Round 1 summary by John Saunders


Vishy Anand, making his Gibraltar debut, and the first of the 16 undisputed world champions ever to play here, was held to a draw by Szidonia Vajda, the second ranked female player in Hungary. The top two seeds Hikaru Nakamura and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave both won comfortably. Another surprise was Yu Yangyi, world ranked 19th, being held to a draw by the Swiss player Alexandre Vuilleumier.


The most notable 'David and Goliath' achievement of the round was that of Dave Spence, a 37-year-old police officer and keen amateur player from England, who managed to defeat Grandmaster Zhao Xue, 13th highest rated female player in the world. No doubt Dave will look back on this as one of his most notable arrests!


Round 2 this afternoon features some notable male versus female pairings: MVL - Gunina, Harikrishna - Zhukova, Ni Hua - Krush. Meanwhile the 52-year-old German FM Matthias Bach, after doing extremely well to hold the Indian number 4, Surya Shekhar Ganguly, in round 1, now faces the Indian number 1 - Vishy Anand. Good luck, Matthias!

The Day's Play - Episode 2


Follow the action from the most exciting open chess tournament in the world.

In episode 2, International Master Tania Sachdev takes at a look at the opening ceremony and talks to top player and last year's Masters winner Hikaru Nakamura.


The Day's Play - All Videos


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Opening Ceremony and drawing of lots

The Opening Ceremony and drawing of lots took place at 20.30 on Monday in the main restaurant.





l to r: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vishy Anand, Miss Gibraltar Hannah Bado, Tradewise Chairman James Humphreys, Hikaru Nakamura, Rt. Hon Steven Linares Minister for Sport, Culture, Heritage & Youth and Festival Organiser Brian Callaghan. More photos from the ceremony.

The Day's Play - Episode 1


Follow the action, and get your daily dose of The Day's Play highlighting all the events in the most exciting open chess tournament in the world.

Special appearance in this first episode by Vishwanathan Anand plus Anna Muzychuk​, Mariya Muzychuk, Antoaneta Stefanova, Radek Wojtaszek​ and Alina Kashlinskaya​.


The Day's Play - All Videos


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Challenger and Amateur Rd1 Photos



You will see them here there and everywhere around the Caleta during the festival - our official photographers that is, Sophie Triay with her Canon EOS 5D and John Saunders with his Nikon D600.


Their galleries accessible from the menus above will be overflowing with new pictures every day. So brush up, smile and be ready ... anything can or might happen!


Radek and Alina gave opening simuls


24.1.16 - The 2016 Tradewise Chess Festival started its annual adventure when two of our participants, newly weds  Radek Wojtaszek and Alina Kashlinskaya, offered simultaneous displays for early arrivals.

The simuls began around 8pm on Sunday in the main restaurant. The games provied an ideal warm-up for Amateur and Challenger participants.


Married only last July, Radek and Alina were delighted to take part in this traditional curtain raiser. Several players came along to see how they could get on against this special team.


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