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May 2015


El hombre que nunca ofrece tablas


Juan Bellón Lopez (Valencia 1950)  


Juan Bellón Lopez (2015)

Pionero sin pelos en la lengua. Activista de tuits afilados, no se corta a la hora de hacer un diagnóstico, sin sentimentalismos, de la situación del ajedrez en España ni oculta sus desavenencias con la Federación (FEDA), organismo que, a su juicio, necesita de una regeneración urgente.


Contesta con pasión a las preguntas como si estuviera escribiendo un dietario de sus confesiones. Juan Manuel Bellón (Valencia, 1950) es memoria viva del ajedrez español.


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The above article, whose title translates as "The Man Who Never Offers Draws", was written by Spanish journalist Jorge Benítez, and is about GM Juan Manuel Bellón Lopez, one of the visiting celebrity players at this year's Gibraltar Junior Festival.

Beach Activities Offered





26.6.15 - As an additional option to the festival programme, on Saturday 22nd August the organising committee are offering an alternative to the Upper Rock Tour (which can still be taken) - stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and fun beach games!


Fully licensed and insured local professional company In2Adventures will run these afternoon activities.


Adults and children need to book in advance, so please email  no later than Friday 31st July if you wish to book a place. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are taking the Rock Tour instead.


Note: like the Rock Tour (and Dolphin Safari on Monday, 24th August) this activity is included in the Caleta Hotel Package. It is also included for all children as part of their Entry Fee.




'We promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle through fun-based activities tailored to your needs.'



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