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Official Visit

Chief Minister's Visit + Blitz Prizegiving

Deputy Chief Minister Dr J Garcia visits Challenger/Amateur B R4

Opening Ceremony

Dinner St Michael's Cave

Prize giving Dinner

Apeing about


Battle of the Sexes

Masters R1

Masters R2

Masters R3

Masters R4

Masters R5

Masters R6

Masters R7

Masters R8

Masters R9

Masters R10

Play Offs



Relaxing on the final day


Master Class 1

Challenger A / Amateur A R1

Challenger A / Amateur A R2

Challenger A / Amateur A R3

Challenger A / Amateur A R4

Challenger A / Amateur A R5

Prizegiving Amat A + Chall A

Challenger B / Amateur B R1

Challenger B / Amateur B R2

Challenger B / Amateur B R3



Challenger B / Amateur B R5

Challenger B / Amateur B Prizegiving

Out and about

Blitz Event (teams of 4)

Blitz Event (teams of 2)



Analysis room





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