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The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival took place from Monday 24 January to Thursday 3 February 2011.

Latest News about the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival...

Sunday 26th June 2011


The dates for the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival will be as follows:


MASTERS: 24th January - 2nd February;

1ST WEEK AMATEURS and CHALLENGERS 23rd January - 27th January;

2ND WEEK AMATEURS and CHALLENGERS 28th January - 1st February.

The GALA DINNER and PRIZEGIVING will take place on the evening of February 2nd, 2012.


Leading confirmed entries for the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters:

J.Polgar, A.Shirov, M.Adams, N.Short, Z.Almasi, H.Yifan, V.Korchnoi, A.Onischuk, V.Bologan, N.Kosintseva, T.Kosintseva, P.Cramling, A.Stefanova, N.Dzagnidze, D.Fridman, A.Zatonskih, I.Krush, Zhu Chen, A.Muzychuk, M.Muzychuk, J.Houska ...


Top three prizes in MASTERS: 20,000-12,000-10,000;


top three FEMALE AWARDS: 10,000-7,000-5,000;

top three prizes in CHALLENGERS: 2,000-1,250-750;

top three prizes in AMATEURS: 1,000-800-600.


Note: A new website is being prepared and will be online in the near future. And a new 2012 brochure with full details and entry forms will also be available soon.


More News about the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival...


Here's the latest news about the 2012 tournament... prize money is to be increased by 20% to an amazing £150,000... in addition, there is to be a further prize of £5,000 to celebrate the HM Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee - it will be awarded to the top scoring player from a Commonwealth country. As well as Judit Polgar (see below), Mickey Adams, Nigel Short and Peter Svidler have accepted invitations to play.


Judit Polgar Plays in 2012!


Very soon we will have details of the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar International Festival but one thing we can tell you now is that the world's top woman player Judit Polgar will be there!


Judit Polgar will play at Gibraltar 2012


More news when we have it.

Junior Internationals in Gibraltar


In August 2011 there will be the inaugural Gibraltar Junior International Chess Festival, for players aged under 16 and under 12, held at the Caleta Hotel from 18-23 August 2011. For full details, click here.


Download the 2011 Gibraltar Junior International Chess Festival brochure


En Agosto tenemos el primer Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Junior de Gibraltar
(llegada el 18 de agosto 2011 y salida el 23)


Bájate el formulario de inscripción (en español)


Prizegiving - 3 February 2010


Vassily Ivanchuk with Tradewise MD James Humphreys


Tournament winner Vassily Ivanchuk received a standing ovation when he received his cheque for £17,500 at the 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival prizegiving on 3 February. Videos of the prizegiving speeches by Brian Callaghan and CJ de Mooi may be found on the video page. The prize list can be found here.


Nana Dzagnidze (left) of Georgia won the top women's prize of £10,000,
while her fellow countrywoman Salome Melia achieved a GM norm


There was a standing ovation when Viktor Korchnoi stepped up to receive the
£1,000 senior prize from tournament organiser Brian Callaghan of the Caleta Hotel


More photos from the closing ceremony...

Round 10 Report


Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine is the 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters champion. He won his final game and so could not be caught, scoring 9/10. Nigel Short also had an excellent result, scoring 8½ for a 2800+ performance. Nana Dzagnidze just pipped her fellow countrywoman Salome Melia for the women's prize. The big news at the gala dinner was that Judit Polgar would play at the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters.


"Can we have our next victims, please"... the two outstanding players of the
2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters await their round ten opponents.
Vassily won his game to take the tournament. Nigel Short also won to finish clear second by a point.


Round 9 News


Only two players are left in pursuit of the big prize... Vassily Ivanchuk leads Nigel Short by half a point, while Nigel is a full point clear of the field... Salome Melia of Georgia still leads the challenge for the women's prize... (... full report continues here)


The Eagle has (almost) landed... Vassily Ivanchuk is the 'big bird' ahead of the pack in Gibraltar

Round 8 News


The sun shone brightly in Gibraltar on Tuesday as did two of the stars of the tournament. Vassily Ivanchuk prevailed against Michael Roiz while Nigel Short defeated GN Gopal. Women's leader Salome Melia came close to victory against Daniel Fridman but had to settle for a draw. (... full report continues here)


"Blue skies, nothing but blue skies..." - that's the Caleta Hotel in the distance.


Round 7 News


Vassily Ivanchuk retained his half-point lead in round seven of the Gibraltar Masters when he drew with Victor Mikhalevski of Israel. None of his rivals managed to catch him. Late in the round there was a power outage which plunged the tournament hall into darkness for just over an hour (... full report continues here)


"Moscow girls make me sing and shout ": tournament director
Stuart Conquest seems to be coping well with the power crisis.


Video by Zeljka Malobabic

Round 6 News


Vassily Ivanchuk defeated Nigel Short to assume sole lead of the tournament on 5½/6. Nigel Short, Daniel Fridman and Victor Mikhalevski have 5 points. The leading female competitors are Nana Dzagnidze, Nadezhda Kosintseva and Salome Melia on 4½. Victor Mikhalevski and Nana Dzagnidze both scored brilliant victories in round six (... full report continues here) Watch a video of the tournament here.


Double rainbow over the Mediterranean at Gibraltar

Round 5 News


John Saunders reports: And then there was one. Nigel Short is the sole leader of the Gibraltar Masters tournament at the halfway stage with 5/5. Today he defeated the second Kosintseva sister, Nadezhda, after beating her younger sister in round three. This puts the English grandmaster half a point ahead of top-rated Vassily Ivanchuk and Daniel Fridman going into round six. (... full report continues here)


Nigel Short and Nadezhda Kosintseva prepare to do battle.

Round 4 News


Nigel Short and Nadezhda Kosintseva are the joint leaders on 4/4 after the fourth round (... full report continues here)


Deep Sengupta versus Nigel Short

Victoria Cmilyte versus Nadezhda Kosintseva

Round 3 News


Four Players lead on 3/3


Nigel Short (England), Nadezhda Kosintseva (Russia), Deep Sengupta (India) and Victoria Cmilyte (Lithuania) lead with 3/3 at the end of the third round. (... full report continues here)


Nigel ShortNadezhda Kosintseva
Nigel Short, Nadezhda Kosintseva
Victoria CmilyteDeep Sengupta
Victoria Cmilyte, Deep Sengupta

Round 2 News


Fabiano Caruana (left) faces Viktor Korchnoi


Stewart Reuben reports: Today the electronic board system had something of a nervous breakdown, presumably because there were so many interesting encounters. Thus we were not able to access the top five boards directly. But no problem, Thomas Rendle in England enabled us to access the games for the commentary room using the Monroi website where players had keyed in the moves by hand. Unquestionably the game of the round in a competitive sense had to be that between the young Italian/American Fabiano Caruana and the veteran superstar Viktor Korchnoi. (... report continues here)

Round 1 News


Top seed Vassily Ivanchuk started in style in round one


John Saunders reports:  The major event of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival - the Gibraltar Masters - got underway at the Caleta Hotel this afternoon. This is the ninth in the series of major international chess events held on the Rock but the first one to be sponsored by Tradewise Insurance. For the most part, round one of the Masters saw the big stars defeat their more modestly rated opponents. World number nine Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine, making his debut in Gibraltar, was too strong for French IM Jean-Baptiste Mullon, and a similar story continued down the list of boards, with only a handful of the lower-rated players escaping with results against their more illustrious rivals. (... report continues here)

Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Tradewise Chess Festival


"Black is OK!", says Vassily Ivanchuk as Miss Gibraltar, Larissa Dalli, draws the
black pieces for him in Round 1 on Tuesday 25 January


Mr Edwin Reyes, Minister of Sport, with Miss Gibraltar, Larissa Dalli, at the opening ceremony of the 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival


The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival was formally opened on the evening of Monday 24 January at the Caleta Hotel. Mr Edwin Reyes, Gibraltar's Minister of Sport, welcomed the participants to what is the 9th Gibraltar Chess Festival, now sponsored by Tradewise Insurance and still strongly supported by Gibtelecom. Miss Gibraltar, Lariss Dalli, helped to conduct the draw for colours in the first round, which starts at 1500 GMT+1 on Tuesday. Top seed Vassily Ivanchuk received the black pieces but didn't seem remotely bothered at incurring this disadvantage. "It's OK!," he said as he shrugged his shoulders and left the stage.


The tournament is stronger than ever before and will be enjoyed by a huge internet audience, thanks to Gibtelecom's innovative technology and the unique, built-for-purpose webcasting suite installed at the Caleta Hotel. Tune in from Tuesday to this superlative event.

Play Starts at the Tradewise Gibraltar Festival


Nadezhda Kosintseva, Stuart Conquest and Tatiana Kosintseva


24 January - The Tradewise Gibraltar Festival started on 23 January with a tandem simultaneous display given by the world's number 4 and 5 women players, Tatiana and Nadezda Kosintseva. This was just a fun event for people who had arrived on the Sunday but was well supported - 22 players (including one IM!) took part but nobody managed to beat the Russian stars who won all bar two of their games.


The Challengers and Amateurs have already started today Monday 25th and you can watch some games live here - there are some webcams on the page if you want to see the players at the boards.


Top women stars: we have six of the top ten women players in the world in the field... Tatiana Kosintseva (4), Nadezhda Kosintseva (5), Nana Dzagnidze (6), Antoaneta Stefanova (7), Viktorija Cmilyte (9), Dronavalli Harika (10).


Top juniors: Three brilliant young players are in the line-up: Richard Rapport of Hungary, currently the world's youngest GM at 14; Vaibhav Suri of India, currently the world's youngest IM at 13; and Ray Robson, 16, who became the youngest US GM when he was only 14.


The big news about the 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar line-up is that Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine will play. Ivanchuk, currently the world no.7 (November 2010 rating list), is one of the great characters of world chess and his presence adds prestige to the event. Check out the updated list. Ivanchuk is one of three 2700+ rated players who have confirmed their participation in the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters. The others are Mickey Adams of England and Alexander Onischuk of USA. Mickey Adams returns as the reigning Gibraltar Masters winner. His Gibraltarian success was the start of a big upswing in form, culminating in his runaway triumph at the recent British Championship. American grandmaster Alexander Onischuk is rated 2701 and is coming to Gibraltar partly to act as coach to one of the most exciting young American players to emerge in recent years, Ray Robson. Robson will only be 16 when he sits down to play in Gibraltar but he secured the norms he needed for his GM title before turning 15.

The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival runs from Monday 24 January to Thursday 3 February 2011


There is prize money of £125,000


Gibraltar Masters - Open to all. £109,100 in prizes. 25 January to 3 February 2011, a ten-round Swiss.

Challengers A: Under 2250. (24 to 28 January 2011) Prize Fund £5,150

Challengers B: Under 2250. (29 January to 2 February 2011) Prize Fund £5,150

Amateur A: Under 1800. (24 to 28 January 2011) Prize fund £2,300.

Amateur B: Under 1800. (29 January to 2 February 2011) Prize fund £2,300.

Each of the above four events is a five-round Swiss.

Evening events: £1,000.

Junior Congress: 5-6 February 2011


Hosted by the Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar


In 2011 there will also be the inaugural Gibraltar Junior International Chess Festival, for players aged under 16 and under 12, held at the Caleta Hotel from 18-23 August 2011. For full details, click here.


Download the2011 Gibraltar Junior International Chess Festival brochure


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For results, reports and games of the 2010 Gibtelecom Chess Festival, click here.








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